Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Gosh this weekend was pretty amazing! It wasn't any big thing, but just a lot of little things with just the family that made it so great. Being a family of three and enjoying each other and not having to be anywhere at a certain time. It was great.

Friday my parents signed their lease, before they headed home they came over and brought with them the Easter Bunny. They won't be with us Easter morning and wanted to give him an Easter basket and some eggs, they hid them all over the family room, he loved looking for them, and more importantly loved eating the M&M's inside.

Part of his Easter basket was a chicken family, he wanted to make them a little nest for bedtime.

Cause every chicken deserves a polka dot nest right?

Saturday the neighborhood Realtor lady puts on an Easter Event for our neighborhood. Baby Fox really wanted to bring the chicken family with us to the park, as he's gathering them all up (just in his arms and walking towards the door), we told him that the chicken family couldn't come with us. He set them down, thought for a second and came up with this:

That's his hand signal for me to come with "Come Mama!"
 How could we say no, when he solved the problem?

It was more fun this time because Baby Fox is finally able to go in the bounce house and not be afraid.

And it also had this awesome slide, that we had to tear him away from after going down 5 million times.

After we went and bought some plants for the backyard, yay finally 7 months later, we're finally getting some plants in the backyard, we're so excited! We came home for lunch and then relaxed a bit before naptime. Okay so I slept and Baby Fox watched Dinosaur Train before Mr. noticed him nodding off, and quickly scooped him up to take him upstairs for nap. Then we all took a 2 hour nap, it was glorious!

After we all work up refreshed we took a nice walk, ate dinner and watched some Lion King. Perfect end to a great day.

 Sunday was another swim lesson.

 Guess who just advanced to the next level? Makes us a little sad, the next level is just the students and teacher, no parents in the water, wahhhhh! But he's doing so great, we couldn't not sign him up. He's way more advanced than the other students in our class, and he wasn't really learning any more. It was time...sigh.

During naptime I worked on this bad boy.

After nap, Baby Fox watched Daddy fix a light fixture. Mr. thinks a glue gun can fix anything...we'll see...

See all those rocks next to Mr.? Yea that's Baby Fox's rock collection, it moves as a unit all over the backyard. That's just where it happened to end up before Mr. wanted to start his project.

So that is our weekend. A lot of nothings that added up to one great relaxing weekend. Now this week I need to get it together to get Easter stuff ready...what candy should I put in Baby Fox's Easter eggs? He's going to love searching for them in the backyard. Now to just remember how many I put out and where I put them...

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. I love the chicken family and how he made a nest for them, SO cute! Solving problems already, baby fox is one smart boy! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. He's so cute!!!

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