Friday, March 22, 2013

We Met In a Bar - Part 3

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I nervously called him back. Wondering what do I say, "Hey this is Sarah...", does he know who Sarah is? Is he going to say "Sarah who?" and then I shamelessly put my tail between my legs and crawl into a hole? But he called me...right?

But none of those things happened, he seemed genuinely happy to hear from me and maybe slightly relieved? We talked briefly and decided to go to lunch that day! Talk about fast, but it was probably the best scenario, I didn't have time to get nervous/over analyze what was happening. It was literally only 2 hours away and he was coming to pick me up.

Those two hours passed fairly quickly, you know doing the whole work thing. All of a sudden I get a phone call and it's him saying he's outside waiting for me.

Talk about butterflies! I have to mention that I literally had forgotten what he looked like! I mean it's been over two weeks and I had written him off, so my brain pushed the image of him out of my head. So I had no idea what I was walking into.

He was standing on the opposite side of a planter box, so I could just see the back of his head. He was leaning against the planter box, with his leg up, literally it was one of those model poses. I quickly walk around and say hi, and my heart nearly stopped, he was MUCH cuter then I remembered.

We ended up going to California Pizza Kitchen. I got my favorite Chinese Chicken Salad and he got some sort of pizza. We talked like we had been friends forever and never had a break in conversation. Everything he said made me think, I really want to get to know this guy, there is just something about him that I need to know more. When we were done eating, neither of us wanted to leave, but our lunch hour was almost up and we both had to get back to work. As we were walking back to the car we were like magnets to each other and our hands kept brushing against each other. Each time an electric current passed between us. We looked at each other and smile.  I had to keep saying...I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend and every fiber of my being not to want to grab his hand and run. (side note: Mr. thinks that it was all me brushing his hand, and to this day, he maintains that story)

While he was dropping me off, he says here's my email address, email me, you know before all those social circles started popping up, we did this thing called emailing.

I smiles and said, "if you're lucky" and got out of the car.

This is us on a trip to Chicago to visit one of my college roommates. This is about10 months after we started dating.

Random Dive Bar

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel