Monday, June 2, 2014

4 Things I learned about Spin Class + Other Weekend Happenings

I had asked Ashley about how she got her daughters hair in pigtails, and said she got them wet, so I tried that with Mini Fox after her bath, worked like a charm, thanks Ashley!

Friday after work, I got home and this girl was super excited to see me, love her so much!

I am sort of obbessess with these new headbands that I bought for Mini Fox.

We met Daddy at dinner out my favorite Mexican place, yum! Especially the left overs.

I thought this girl would sleep, but she wouldn't have anything to do with sleep, especially since there was so much going on around her.

On our way home from dinner, I had to get off a few excite earlier than normal because of traffic and Baby Fox recongnized it and said, let's go to Ampa and Nana's! So we decided to surprise them, he's so excited to surprise them. 

The kids decided to get Auntie Cole

Saturday monring I decided to wake up early and go to a spin class (when I say early I mean an 8am spin class). I've never been a spin girl (I used to think you either love spin or hate it there was no in between, lately it's been growing on me, perhaps I never found a good teacher? I hated when they told me we're all climbing a mountain and to envision it, we're in a freaking gym, if I wanted to do that, I would go bike outside, just tell me what to do, I don't need to envision anything) and I while I don't think I could do this for every workout, I do enjoy doing it once or twice a week, it's a really good cardio workout and different than what I normally do.

So here are 4 thoughts on going to spin class on Saturday at 8am:

1) People who take spin at 8am on Saturday morning are hard core cycle people.
2) These hard core cycle people all wear pants/capri pants/long tight bike shorts with those padded butt things. In a class of 30 people I was the ONLY one wearing jogging shorts, no joke.
3) Not only was I the only one wearing shorts, I was also the ONLY one not wearing those fancy clip in shoe things that all cycle people seem to have. Hey the tennis shoes I was wearing were cross trainers, not my running ones, so at least I am headed in the right direction.
4) I was also the only one that didn't have at least 3 towels draped all over the machine, to catch all of my sweat, I'll take one please, and I don't even really need that one, I just use my shirt to wipe my sweat, I'm old school like that, lift shirt, wipe sweat.

Apparently I still can't get my fingers out of my pictures...
 Baby Fox NEVER asks for a specific food, especially anything that has to do with meat, but Saturday he really wanted some Persian food, go figure, my kid who won't eat hamburger or bread will put away half an order of Persian food. He likes Beef Koobideh (aka, seasoned ground meat shaped to fit onto a skewer) and rice. He brought me his shoes cause he needed shoes to go get his food, first time he went and got his shoes without me having to hound him...he must really want his, what he calls, rice and meat.

After nap time Mr. took Baby Fox on a bike ride, speaking of which on the way home they stopped at Starbucks to get some water and a cakepop and a girl comes in that has a bikini top and short shorts on with a belly button ring, Baby Fox immediately sees her and says: Why is that girl naked? What's in her Bebo?" We call belly buttons Bebo because of this book, we love all of her books, you should get some.

Anyway, me and Mini Fox did some shopping.

Funny story: so I take took that picture and I look at it, and think wow she's smiling, but didn't zoom in...but then upon closer inspection:

Yep she's put her whole pacifier in her mouth. Silly kid.

But then that got old...her piggies tasted much better.

Sunday I decided Mini Fox needed a cute dress, even though we didn't have anywhere to go, we would enjoy seeing it.

A girly girl can still play with her brother's trucks

Because she army crawls the dress did get in her way a bit

The kids decided they needed to get Daddy too

 I asked Baby Fox if he wanted to go grocery shopping with me, he said yes and then said he had to get ready, this is what he put on. Cause everyone needs star sunglasses to go shopping.

After naps we went alert, better write this down, I actually went IN the pool. I never go swimming, but decided, the laundry/cleaning up can wait and I went swimming too. Baby Fox thought it was too cool. Mini Fox LOVES swimming, plus she has SO many cute swim suits, she will be wearing all of them.

I think we're going to be doing this a lot after naptime. It's great, we swam for an hour, everyone go a bath or shower and dinner was left overs, great night with the family.

Need to use our waterproof camera so I can take pictures of me too, wonder if our camera is actually says it is.

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What did you do this weekend?

What are your thoughts on spin class? Have you taken one? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. love the pigtails!!! You guys look like you're always so happy and look like you're having so much fun together! Love that

    1. Thanks, we do have a lot of fun together.

  2. Love her pigtails and all her cute hair accessories!!! Good for you for going to spin class. I'm not a spinner at all! Keep it up and you can end up teaching the class!! Can't wait to see mini Fox debut all her swim suits this summer. :)

  3. Aww, your kidlets are so adorable! Almost makes me want more :)

  4. The pigtails are TOO CUTE!!!

    I have to admit, I am kind of a spinner. I used to go all of the time and can't wait to get back into it. I think the endorphin rush is totally addictive. I don't have the padded pants (although the first few classes are a little painful) but I do have the shoes with the clips. I'm a nerd like that.

  5. Wet piggies, good tip! haha, I thought that was a smile too...silly little lady. Such a pretty dress. I had to stop putting Aria in dresses when she learned to crawl because they just hitched up around her neck. I'm happy that she is walking so I can go back to dresses, I think they are the easiest of baby girl outfits! And, why is that girl naked - ha too funny.

    I've never done a spin class, bike riding is my version of hell. But that is bike riding outdoors and up down hills, might be different in a class.

  6. Oh my gosh you guys are adorable!!! I would also be the girl with the running shorts...maybe cross trainers and just me and my t-shirt to wipe sweat on. :P Mini Fox is precious...and I never leave the house without my Star Shades. lol.
    leelee @paperbagstyling

  7. YAY for piggies!!!! So glad they worked out! XO

  8. I'm actually a HUGE spin fan! I got licensed to teach years ago :) But the instructor makes ALL the difference with the love/hate relationship :)
    Don't worry about your clothes! I don't have any biking shorts! If you keep spinning long enough you'll by the clips, too. They make a world of difference! I bought mine (before getting licensed to teach) because tennis shoes started killing my feet. I was spinning so much that I need the solid sole that you get with the clips. AND I don't use any towels either :) Some people drip sweat, and others don't!