Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Fun One For the Books

Happy Monday, or is it? I'm tired, lol.

Anyway, the weekend started out pretty rocky, Mini Fox had a tough time teething...I was up with her on Wednesday night and then Thursday night was another rough one, first Baby Fox woke up around midnight, then baby girl was up at 12:30 till 3am, when we finally got some sleep. Thankfully! I think the worst is over and the rest of the weekend was pretty good.

my mouth is doing something really weird, it's probably 2am?

But Friday I rallied and went out for a park playdate with some friends.

Mini Fox is sleeping over there on the right

Baby Fox and his bestie were chasing this little girl around, we're in trouble! We were just about to leave and Baby Fox was playing with a large ball and was chasing it around and it ended up over near a grassy area, and guess what? It was muddy, and he slipped and fell and pretty much got his whole backside couldn't see any skin type of muddy. He was devestated and crying and luckily I happened to have an extra set of clothes with me, which I hardly EVER do. I would have taken a picture had he not been in such a panic.

After nap time Baby Fox wanted to go swimming, Mini Fox has a little cough so I didn't want her to get in...but she really wanted to, I wanted to say yes, but alas I had to actually parent.

Brother coming over to visit and say hi.

Love these pigtails, can't get enough

Saturday was a busy day, aren't they all? We went to yet ANOTHER birthday party. This time at a Children's Museum, Baby Fox had a blast.

Learning how gears work, and checking me out at the grocery store

Driving a bus, we did this several times, and watching the train set go round and round

 Then we both got eaten by a lion...Baby Fox wouldn't get much closer than this.

Standing with the trains, Baby Fox loved it. They let us go inside of of them, and then he wanted to know if we could go through all of them.

The birthday kids

Then we headed to a friends and made these, can you guess what it is?

If you guess homemade Twinkies then you would be correct! So after several tastings we decided that the recipe we used (that came on the pan) isn't for us. We did however nail the filling. Once we figure out the perfect cake part, I'll let you guys know.

Sunday was pretty laid back. Baby Fox woke up dry from overnight (with us going in there twice to take him to the bathroom) so we celebrated with pancakes. He loves helping me "cook"

Then we watched some Ice Age

My sister came over for a swim lesson, although next time we're just going to tell him that she's coming over for swimming...

Mini Fox sat outside and ate lunch and watched in style - PJ's and sunnies

Baby Fox ate some cherries with Daddy. Cause everyone eat cherries with their party hat on right? And that chair on the couch over there...Baby Fox put it over there cause it's "dangerous" for Mini Fox (aka he doesn't want her playing with his stuff)

I worked on some party decorations for Baby Fox's 1/2 birthday this weekend.

And then we headed out to dinner with my parents. You know you have good kids when you go to a fancier restaurant and they sit there for 2 hours without much fuss.

Daddy got them dressed and then Baby Fox says, "PHOTOSHOOT!" and grabbed his sister, so cute!

Love them!

Mom enjoying her drink.

Baby Fox helping to feed Mini Fox

Baby Fox wanted to stand in the rocks and no one else did, so it looks like we're two different families in the same picture, haha.

This week is going to be full of getting ready for Baby Fox's party this weekend. I always tell myself I'm not going to be last minute, but I always day...maybe for Mini Fox's first birthday I'll be more on top of it? I have all summer...which is the problem, I keep saying, I have one more week...until I don't.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was our lazy Sunday morning.

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  1. The lion picture is classic! So much crammed into a weekend! I'm like we slept, there was food, we went outside a couple times haha =)

  2. You have such a beautiful family! My favorite picture would have to be the pigtails! How old is she? I can't wait til I can do things to my daughter's hair. It's just too short right now haha

  3. your poooooooooooool. I could only focus on that.