Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Change. Topic of today.

What I thought about when I went to sleep last night.

What I was thinking of when I woke up.

I've made Baby Fox's baby food from the time he was 6 months to the present. Yes he still eats it, it's good, I would eat it. We figure he's getting veggies, whatever.

Mini Fox is eating that same food.

Last night I had rice and stir fry veggies, Baby Fox sat in my chair and ate everything that I ate with me, with a fork.

Taken on Friday when we first had it, last night it was the only thing he ate, Friday he started with pasta and saw mine and wanted that instead.
I told him that if he wanted to eat my food, he couldn't use his hands, he followed directions and only used a fork. We fit on the same chair perfectly, he eats left handed I eat right handed, perfect match.

He ate the broccoli, willingly and we didn't have to bribe him...okay that's a lie, I told him if he took a bite of broccoli he could take two bites of rice instead of the usual 1 bite of rice, 1 bite of veggies.

He's starting to eat what we eat, I'm loving it. Still I make him something different 95% of the time, but I'll take it!

We're night potty training...yikes that's a big adjustment, loving the no diapers, not loving the constant accidents, but the last couple of nights have been okay. Change, in routine, waking him up twice a night to go to the bathroom, please tell me they eventually wake themselves up...it happens right? When do we stop going in to wake him up? More change.

Crazy kids likes sleeping with long sleeve shirts, pants and socks, even when it's really hot out. The green blanket is for easy clean up for middle of the night. I have it folded in 4, so that it doesn't reach the sheet, easier to take off blanket than to change the sheet...

Let's talk about this girl:

She's eating more and more food, we're feeding her pureed veggies and then give her what we eat too, letting her try everything, she loves it all. Finally a kid that eats!

She's drinking less milk, not sure how much though. She's refusing some of her bottles. But not food.

Just when we think we have it figured out it changes.

Which bottle do we drop? What did we do with Baby Fox, I can't remember...go back to previous blog posts...so glad I wrote those up way back when (private blog for just family/ my baby books for the kids). 

Just seems like everything is changing so quickly, they are growing up so fast. Change is good, but hard to adjust to when they move at lightening speed and I'm always trying to catch up. Luckily they are pretty patient and are always waiting for me to catch up.

Change is good. I keep telling myself that, change is good. They're growing up to be healthy, independent little people.

So what's been changing in your life?

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