Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Top 10

Last night I went to MNO out Out Back, random I know. A friend had recently moved near one and a few of us had mentioned we had never been, so we decided next MNO was going to be there! I had a post planned for today, what we made for Mr. for Father's Day, but I still needed to load the pictures I took, and well I did this instead. So you'll have to wait for later in the week, I know you're all holding your breath.

I was reading Courtney's blog this morning and I wasn't going to post, but decided, what the heck, I'll do a top 10 too.

1. Thanksgiving - I love me some Thanksgiving especially when you randomly decide to make a Thanksgiving dinner a month early and celebrate it with friends. (I tried to do another Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, turns out, it's SUPER hard to find a turkey in the middle of summer. Even the frozen kind, go figure)

Man I want to eat this right now!
2. Yummy food I can actually eat, since I am allergic to so much, it's hard to find yummy treats. But when I do find them, you better believe I stock up like it's going out of business. Like these yummy things!
drugstore.com has the best deal on them, trust me I've searched everywhere for them

3.  Family Days, while I love spending time with my siblings and parents I just love when it's the 4 of us having fun and doing whatever whenever like last Friday, perfection.

4. The calmness of morning just before the sun comes up, when it's crisp outside and the grass still has dew on it and the birds are just starting to wake up. Everything is calm, everything is perfect for those few precious moments before everyone/everything starts waking up.

5.  Reading a book so fast just to get to the end, only to re-read it immediate because you want to read it slower and really enjoy it.

6.  Hanging with my cousins and their kids, nothing is better than showing them what it was like when I was growing up.

7.  The smell after it rains, everything smells clean and new. It's like God gives us a fresh new start with each rain (coming from someone who only gets rain a handful of times a year)

8.  Watching Baby Fox with Mini Fox, nothing is more precious, sweet or endearing. The love they have for each other is crazy, and even though she can't talk, I know she just idolizes her big brother. Knowing that they have each other, comforts me.

9.  I hate working out, but the feeling you get after a hard workout especially when several times  you wanted to stop but kept going, that feeling of accomplishment and feeling good about yourself.

10.  Spending time with Mr. Nothing beats it. We can talk about nothing and everything at the same time. We have comfortable silences and can have fun anywhere, anytime. I love that about us.

Like hiking in the rain

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  1. It's always good to get out with the other mommies. And I love me some Thanksgiving too! I was watching an episode of Parenthood a few weeks ago and it was a thansgiving episode. Afterwards, I told my hubby I wanted thanksgiving dinner!! He looked at me like I was crazy. LOL.

    I love how your two little ones are close and love each other. I can't wait until Matthew gets to meet his baby sister and have that same bond! :)

  2. that pic of her cuddled up... oh gosh, cuteness overload!
    Your life looks like so much fun and your happiness is palpable in your pics. I love that!

    1. Thanks Shaunacey! I feel like I have it really good, although the whole ant thing, not so fun, hehe. My kitchen is a mess!

  3. Yes, the book thing! If I enjoy a book I cannot put that thing down. I just started the latest in a series I love yesterday and I'm half way through already and I had to make myself stop before I read all night. I love a great book the second time around though, you get so much more...I'm the type that reads at light speed because I just want to know what is going to happen, I find myself skimming too and have to go back and reread a paragraph. Chill pill!

  4. Cutest little family EVER! These pictures are soooooo sweet!
    Love your list! I've never done #5 but I'm always SO anxious to get to the end of a book to find out the ending! I'll have to try this method with my next book ;)