Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Face

I've been debating whether or not to post this, but decided that I wanted to remember this, this face looking up at me when I'm nursing her. Not sure how long this relationship will go, but I will forever cherish the bonding time I had with her, those quite moments at 5am that I still get before I leave for work. I get to snuggle her for those few precious moments before I leave for work. I soak her up, and smell her sleepy head before laying her back down. I love it, more than I can express in words.

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  1. Your lil girl is adorable!!! :)

  2. ahhh what a sweet photo! glad you posted it

  3. I wish I had a million pictures of this. Unfortunately, I don't have a single one. You'll be so thankful someday that you have this. Such a gift!

  4. You will be SOOOO glad you took a picture and wrote down your thoughts! I completely forgot a lot of stuff about breastfeeding only a few months after weaning. Glad I could find you through the Mommy Moments link-up!