Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Easy No brainer Outfit for When You Don't Want to Think

Simple and easy for a Tuesday after a long weekend. Easy to grab outfit = perfect. Skirt, t-shirt, necklace, short jean jacket, neutral shoes.

This guy wanted to jump in the pictures, as usual

Speaking of this little guy, here's what happened to his poor face.

Monday after I got home from the gym, Mr. left for the gym and I decided to take the kids to the park before Mini Fox's morning nap. Baby Fox wanted to ride his scooter (seen above). Everything was fine until it wasn't. Baby Fox still hasn't really figured out the breaks yet, so when he wants to stop he tries to jump off and keep running with the scooter till it slows down. NOT the best breaking method. He got going a little too fast for him and tried to jump off, tripped and fell hard!

just around that bend is where he fell
I ran over to him and picked him up, checking his knees, his head was on my shoulder as I was checking out his knees. Then I went to check his hands and see blood running down his fingers, frantically I'm trying to figure out where all the blood is coming from. I see his lip is bloody so I have him open his mouth to see a pool of blood in there. I ask him if he bite his tongue, but he's just crying. I put him down to try and find something to soak up the blood, I was just about the take my shirt off (luckily I had a sports bra on under), but saw a tissue in the cup holder of the stroller. I threw that in his mouth to soak up some blood, and then figure out that he's cut his bottom inside lip really bad, to me it looked like it needed some stitches. I'm trying to carry Baby Fox, push Mini Fox in the stroller and carry the scooter...didn't work. So I put Baby Fox where Mini Fox's feet are and run home. Get a wet paper towel, and put that in his mouth.

So now I need to figure out what to do. I wanted to ask one of our neighbors what she thought, she has 5 kids and I needed a second opinion, plus if I need to go to the ER, she could watch Mini Fox until my parents or Mr. could get there. She wasn't home, but another neighbor (who I'm fairly certain thinks I'm a nut), said he thought it wasn't too bad and that mouths heal really fast. That calmed me down a bit, I went home and called the Pediatrician, and then called my parents to come over and get a second opinion, cause Mr. still wasn't answering his phone. Meanwhile my mom told me to call his dentist (luckily we had just gone on Friday), because it had to do with his mouth. So put in a call to them too. The doctor said, of course, to go into a kids urgent care to have someone look at it. But the pediatric dentist called back and said that we could take a picture of it and send it to her and she could tell us what to do. Which was such a great idea! She looked at it and said she didn't think that he needed to go in, and that mouths heal really quickly. She told me the different colors it would turn and what to expect. Made this Mama feel a little better.

Lessons learned:

1. Pediatric dentist - worth it to find a good one
2. When dealing with something with the mouth, call the dentist
3. Ice Cream fixes all things and will get your kid to continuously let you see the cut in his mouth

This is about 2 hours after it happened: That is a bruise on his chin, see the length of that bruise...the  cut in his mouth mimics that bruise. It's about 3/4 - 1 inch long and maybe 1-2mm wide.

And this the next day. You can see how much it is swollen. He told us that he had to figure out a new way to suck his fingers, resilient I tell ya.

I must love him a lot cause I went swimming when it was only 84° out. Mr. was working and he really wanted to go swimming.
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  1. Glad he's ok. I'd be really upset too.
    My kids had their first pediatric dentist visits this year too, and I agree, they're totally worth it.

  2. you look super cute!
    poor little guy, but he looks like such a trooper

  3. I never wear short skirts but this makes me want to! Poor little Fox- Hope he is feeling better!

  4. Love your cute outfit!!
    And now I know why you mentioned the dentist before! Poor little man! And poor momma! So stressful and it's so heartbreaking seeing our kids hurt :( Hope he's doing better!