Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nice Long Weekend!

Long good weekend, this morning when my alarm went off at 4:30am, I had to think..why is my alarm going off, isn't it a day off?  I was going to post on Friday, but then decided to work on Mini Fox's party decorations instead during nap time, then Monday was going to post, but Baby Fox got hurt and that pretty much made me want to drink (even though I don't drink) instead of post something...more on that later. Be prepared for pictures, cause I took about 300 pictures this weekend.

Friday Baby Fox had his first dentist appointment. I know parents of the year here, taking him to his first dentist appointment so late in the game...but we'll things happen, I'll get over it :) If I can say anything, take your kid to a pediatric dentist, it was so much fun for him and he loved it! Plus pediatric dentists need like 2-3 more years of school, so you know they want to work with kids if they go to school longer.

Razzle the tiger...Baby Fox thought he was too cool.

Sunglasses to ward off the bright lights...

Monkey had to come get his teeth cleaned too

Yep that's a TV up there, they had Cars on, his favorite

His hygentist, she was really nice and super gentle on our newbie

Dentist giving Baby Fox his fluoride treatment

And we left with a woopie cushion from the treasure chest, of course my son would pick a woopie cushion.

After our appointment we went and met up with some friends for a playdate. This place was super cool, had some mechanical things for the kids to ride on, and it was great because it was just one big room and only 1 way in/out and it was manned by someone who had to physically open the door for you to get in/out.

This rocked back and forth

Bounce House

This room was dedicated to balls, there were different machines you could put them in to make them fly around the room.

Boat, that also rocked

This girl got tired...

After that we went to my parents for lunch, I know all that happened before LUNCH!

My sister was there, the kids love her

Still hasn't gotten a nap and still tired

On our way home...for a nap, I told Baby Fox to keep Mini Fox awake the 5 minutes it takes to get home, cause if she falls asleep, she doesn't transfer and counts that as her nap. He wanted to hold her hand.

Don't worry, we were at a stop light when I snapped these pictures
I made something really cool with this, during nap time

Then we went swimming after nap time

I told Mini Fox that the best gift she could give me was to sleep through the whole night...and that's exactly what she did, she slept from 8:30pm-9am the next day, I got 8 hours of sleep and it was glorious!

My girl, I even woke her up at 9am!

We had plans to go to my parents, but spidy showed up to conquer the house

We got this in the mail on Thursday and he's worn it everyday since. We have bought another one because we're fairly certain at this rate, it's not going to make it to Halloween! sidenote: I bought it through a co-op and it was $10, awesome right?
 Mini Fox loved the costume

We played Justice League Shoots and Ladders while Mini Fox took her morning nap.

Afterwards we headed over to my parents for lunch and to watch the Notre Dame game...

But I opened to get my nails done...hey it's my birthday and I'll do what I want :)

Then we met up with some friends to get some dinner...yum! Waiting for our friends to get there

Baby Fox's first ever tortilla chip, he's never been interested until Saturday...

The kids got a little tired

But rallied to have some fun with Daddy, yep we had two more kids while eating dinner :)

When we got home, Baby Fox wanted to play swords and guns...yep he has them in his shirt on all sides, he likes to be prepared

That's his mean face...really menacing, especially with fox socks on right?
While getting ready for bed, Baby Fox decided to hide... can you guess where he is? Pretty good hiding spot if you ask me

He's roaring at me

Sunday Mr. went paddle boarding, so I told Baby Fox he could watch TV in Daddy's office as a treat. He told me he was all ready and dragged me in to show me.

All set to watch...wait for it...Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairies

This girl woke up happy from her nap and ready for lunch

Sunday night my parents came over to watch the kids and Mr. and I went on a date, a real live date, dinner and a movie, can't tell you the last time we were gone for that long!

The restaurant we went to actually had food I could eat, I was in heaven...yep I did eat all 5 of these tacos...I'll pretend that Mr. had more than the 4 bites he took...

Mr.'s Nachos

And we saw Guardians of the Galaxy...really fun, and a good movie, would totally see the sequel if they make one.

Monday...started off awesome

I took a Barre Fusion class, was really good, I liked it.

And then I took the kids to the park while Mr. went to workout.

and then our day took a turn...which is a story in itself...which I'll talk about to you later this week, but Baby Fox fell really hard and got hurt and cried, I cried (not in front of him) and I panicked, but in the end everyone was okay.

But I took him to the store

and ice cream pretty much fixes everything

We were supposed to meet up with some friends, but with everything that happened, we had to postpone and then they decided to do what they were going to do in the evening earlier in the day. But we still BBQ'd because it's Labor Day and that's what you do.

Baby Fox was still able to get a little workout in with Mr.

Monday night was spent, relaxing and getting ready for the week. At least it's a short week, yay!

How was your weekend? Anything eventful?

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  1. Whaaaaat? So late in the game? My dentist told me not to worry about taking Mia in until she was at least 3!
    LOVE the pictures! Best long weekend ever!!

  2. Wow - you guys had a great weekend! I got tired just reading about all the fun stuff you did :). I always took my little ones to pediatric dentists - they're the best! Glad your son is ok!

  3. Wow! I love that huge stuffed tiger. Baby Fox looks like he does too! He looks cool wearing those sunglasses. Hahaha! Anyway, the dentist appointment seem to have gone well. The playdate also looked fun. I wish I was there to see all the lovely kids having their fair share of fun. Lovely photos, by the way. Thanks for sharing them! :)

    Josh Brockmann @ StarBrite Dental

  4. He really deserved that post-dental-visit funtime, for behaving well during the checkup. Anyway, I agree with what you said about pediatric dentistry being a better option for kids. It’s not that one shouldn’t trust those in general dentistry, but I think it’s for the best that parents entrust their kids to professionals who are specifically trained to handle children.

    Jon Mack @ Gentle Dental Associates