Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mom Mode - Have you Experienced It?

The color is so off on these pictures, but last night when I was editing, I couldn't figure it out and Mr. wanted to watch The Hobbit, so it is what it is. Hopefully you can look past the awful color and see the cute outfit :)

When trying to find an outfit for our family photoshoot (Yep already planning our outfits. I want to do pictures on the beach this year and I know that summer clothes are quickly leaving stores, so I needed to get on it), I ordered a bunch of dresses from Nordstrom and prayed that one of them worked. Well I did find THE dress, but I ordered this one on a whim, I've been wanting a lace dress, and I thought, why not. I found that the white in this wasn't going to match the white in Baby Fox's outfit I had already picked out, but decided I liked it so much I was going to keep it. When Mini Fox's party came alone, I thought it was a bit fancy, so I un-fancied it by pairing it with some casual sandals and only a bracelet. I thought any necklace  I paired it with was going to be too much. Why not add some red lips to go with the ladybug theme.

So this pictures brings me to my next subject, Mom Mode.

That smallish bruise on my calf...have NO idea where that came from...I'm clumsy, did I ever tell you that?

Believe it or not, this bruise is 2 weeks old!

I was taking a shower and was putting lotion on my legs (this is when I find most of my bruises) and saw this huge contusion of a thing. It was the type of bruise that has a hard lump in it, ya know the kind? And I thought, where the HELL did I get this?! You would think I would remember getting something so big and it hurt, boy did it hurt! I tried running down the hallway, and boy did it hurt, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to participate in my 5K.

I thought long and hard about where I could have possibly gotten it. From what I can guess, I got it during Baby Fox's scooter accident? I remember trying to hold Baby Fox, push Mini Fox in the stroller and I had put the scooter on top of the stroller, trying to manage it all, and I remember the scooter falling off the stroller. I do not remember it hitting me in the leg, but it must have. I think I vaguely remember it grazing my leg? Nothing hard enough to create this monstrous contusion!

Enter Mom Mode, you know the mode when all reason goes out the window and your only concern is your kid(s). You'll do anything and everything to keep them safe. I was so concerned about Baby Fox and trying to figure out if we needed to go the ER and calm him down, that I didn't even realize I had been hurt in the process. Good to know that if my kid is hurt that I can get hurt and not know it, the adrenaline pumping through helped I'm sure. That my first instinct is for the well being of my children and to make sure they are safe first and foremost.

When/have you experience Mom Mode?

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  1. What a cute dress, I'm a sucker for lacy dresses. Honestly I keep getting them and then getting them home and realizing ALL of my dresses are lace overlays. They don't all look the same and I don't realize it at the time. Whatever, they are pretty =)
    My gosh that is one lovely bruise. I'm always getting bruises on my legs that I have no idea where they came from but nothing so HUGE! wow. I get you though, you are in that moment and that moment is all about your kids. I thought Aria got hurt yesterday and I was so scared that when I found out she was totally a-ok (and laughing mind you) I just started balling. I guess all the adrenaline had to go somewhere.

  2. I kind of think there is something about having kids that just makes us bruise more easily in general. I always seem to have bruises in the weirdest places now. And like you, have NO CLUE how I got them.

  3. yup, I have bruises that I have no clue where it came from.
    I can relate to the mom mode. We had a snake scare a while back, and I'm seriously not a fan of snakes. When I thought that it was headed towards my kids, I grabbed the thing closest to me which was a chair and managed to smash it. Then I quickly pulled my kids out of the way and headed inside. When my husband came home and saw it, he was glad that we're safe. He said it was a poisonous snake. Just the thought of it still makes me quiver a little because I really am deathly afraid of snakes. It was an out of body experience.

  4. Super cute dress! But, ouch! That looks like it had to hurt! :(

  5. The dress is so fun and I too have bruises everywhere but no idea where they came from!

  6. I am a sucker for white and cute dresses, esp lace! Love how it is cinched in the waist, makes it really sexy!

    Found you via the linkup. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and social media? Pls let me know if you’re up for it :) xoxo

    Abby of

  7. That dress is made for you - super cute! As a mom to two boys, I've had my share of bruises. Somehow, I always end up hurt :)!

  8. Oh my gosh, ouch! Eric bruises so easily!! He will have the gnarliest looking bruise and have no clue where it came from!
    Love this dress!!
    Did you guys watch the second hobbit? Did you like it? I can't remember if we've seen it yet?!