Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project Lead Kindly: Spread Kindess Even When....

When I was in college sororities and fraternities just weren't a big thing on campus, the big thing on campus was what service organization were you a part of. There were the all guy, all girl and then the co-ed ones. I was in a co-ed one, and loved every minute of it. We did volunteer work all over the city, helping everyone. One of the services that I did for a couple of years consistently was volunteer at a domestic violence shelter call Good Shepard. I helped watched the children so that their mothers could go to school and earn their GED's/learn a vocational trade, so they could go out and provide for their families or I was an English tutor. I did whatever they wanted. And I loved it, the kids, oh my the kids, they had so much love to give, even after all they had been through. It was amazing how resilient they are, and so ready to give love to anyone who just gives them the slightest smile and a warm hug.

 When Pamela from MacDonalds Playland said she needed help with a special project I jumped at the chance. I love helping people and while I didn't know what I was doing, I knew it had to be something good.  When I finally go the details of what they were doing, I knew I had to get involved. So today I am celebrating the launch of Project Lead Kindly (www.projectleadkindly.com), a nonprofit organization founded by Pamela (from Macdonald’s Playland - www.macdonaldsplayland.com) and her husband. Project Lead Kindly assists mothers and children affected by homelessness and domestic violence by providing charitable service and grants to assist them in getting closer to safer, stable housing as well as educational or professional dreams. They are also on a mission to spread the message that ALL can do good and spread kindness, no matter their circumstances.

Here's a sign I made to help you to know that you can still spread kindness, even when things are hard.

I chose doubtful because sometimes you're doubtful of peoples intentions or motives, but I believe you should give people the benefit of the doubt and spread kindness even when you're feeling doubtful.

How would you fill the the blank?

I am asking my readers help spread the word and to participate by:

1) Creating your own "Spread Kindness, even when...(fill in the blank)" sign and take a photo of it!
2) Sharing your photo THIS WEEK on instagram or facebook. Be sure to tag Project Lead Kindly and/or hashtag it #projectleadkindly so they can share your photo which will inspire others going through difficult challenges!
3) Tag at least 3 friends and ask them to create a "spread kindness, even when..." sign too and ask them to join in and post the photo on their favorite social media.

Join us in inspiring someone out there to know they are not alone and still have light within them to do good, no matter what life throws at them. Let's remind people of their light and assist mothers & children in need!
Visit www.projectleadkindly.com to find more ways to lead kindly and to assist mothers & kids affected by homelessness and domestic violence.

I'm tagging my blogger friends Vanessa at X-tremely V, Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup, and Natalie at Adventures as Mrs. Janney 

I hope even if you don't tag a friend, that you take a picture and spread the word. Even if you're not in the picture, the more tags on FB and IG the better to spread the word!

Thanks Friends!