Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last night Baby Fox told his first straight up lie. Like the kind where he looked me in the eye and just lied to me. I believed him, he's never lied before so I had no reason not to believe him. Until later in the night when I caught him in the lie.

We were getting ready for bed and I asked him if had brushed his teeth, he said yes...I gave him the side eye and he even went as far as to do the breath check. I said I don't know...he said, I did. I said okay. Then about 15 minutes later when bed time was fast approaching, he yells out, I have to brush my teeth. Caught! I said you said you and Daddy already brushed your teeth, he said he didn't. I looked at Mr., he said he didn't. I was disappointed. I was crushed that somehow my kid learned how to lie. Is this preschool? Do the other kids in preschool do this? We sat down, I looked him in the eye, told him what lying is and why it is wrong. I'm not sure it sunk it. I hope something sunk in. I don't want to always be second guessing his answers.

Where did my little boy go and when did he learn how to lie? Mr. says it's part of growing up, and that kids lie and not to worry about it too much...

What is your experience with your kids? Any advice?


  1. Sad! You'll have to let me know how you handle it. I need to stock up on parenting advice.

  2. This is such a tough one. I don't know if it's just an innate thing in every kid, or if they start to learn it at school. But, it will happen - all kids do it on occasion. With my boys, we talked about it every time they were caught in a lie - the way you handled it was perfect. The key is consistency (just like everything else with parenting), and letting them know that lying isn't ok, ever. I always tell my boys that I'm going to be way more mad about lying than I ever would be about what they were lying about - if that makes sense. Don't worry - it is part of growing up!

  3. a yucky part of parenting but so normal at his age.
    At least you pointed it out, didn't just let it go. I might double-check the next few times and explain to him that because he didn't tell the truth you'll have to check with dad for the next couple times.
    I dread these moments...

  4. No experience here. That growing up thing is rough though. I'd second the above comment. Double checking and letting him know it was because he fibbed that one time. It isn't really fun to be doubted, hopefully that will sink in.

  5. So back in May I started sitting for 3 kids, the eldest is 4 and he lies. Not all the time, but when he's trying to get out of something he really doesn't want to do OR when he knows he'll get in trouble if he tells the truth (like when I ask what happened when he did something unkind to a sibling). It's SO HARD, I don't know what to do - I read something awhile back about how we as adults in the way we question them set them up to lie, but I don't think it offered any solutions - I want to help teach him the importance of telling the truth, but also that even if he does he'll still get a consequence if one is warranted. It's definitely not easy, but I agree that it is absolutely part of growing up / parenting that you two have to work through - possibly for a long time!

    1. Oh an he's home schooled, so while it could be learned from other kids, I think mostly it's completely normal.

  6. Sarah, this kinda cracks me up! Well the way you started it out...cracked me up! Lies...white lies...it's hard to understand why they do it....but I guess it's part of growing up. Well people still do it...it's just harder when it's your own precious little, innocent child. The lies get worse as they get older BTW...when it has to do with homework being done! LOL
    Leelee @paperbagstyling