Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clarisonic! I Got One!

Guess what I finally got for Christmas? I'm so excited that my Mother-In-Law got this for me! I wasn't expecting her to buy the whole thing, maybe just some money to go towards it. But in any case, I am so thankful! I couldn't wait to open it up.

But now that I have it open, I have some questions for those of you out there that have a Clarasonic.

Here they are, and because I'm an A type personality, I'm just going to put it in list form.

1.  My number 1 question is how often do you use it? Seems like it might be too much to use it everyday? But on the website it says it can be used daily. So far I've just done once or twice a week. What do you do?
2.  Is it just me or is it totally awkward to get in the shower, not wash your face and then get out of the shower to use the Clarisonic? Can this thing go in the shower with me? That would save me a step. What's your face wash/shower routine?

3. Mine came with some Clarisonic Face Wash. Have you used it before?

I've been using Philosophy for years now...scared to switch just because it came with it. But it's $25! It must be okay... Have you used the Clarisonic face wash?

4.  Mine also came with a body scrub head and a body brush extention handle, anyone use that? If we can't use this in the shower, then how do you scrub your back, etc? This all seems so awkward to me. Anyone use the body scrub brush, and how do you use it? In an empty bathtub? So weird!

Those are my questions for now. Hopefully you guys can give me some insight as to what works best for you so I can figure out a best for me. I just love how my face feels after using it, so soft!

Sound off below and let me know what you think!

Thanks for helping me out!


  1. What a great gift! I love mine. This is just based on my experience so far, so please take it with a grain of salt.
    1) I've had mine for several years now, and I don't use it everyday, just once or twice a week because I have sensitive skin.
    2) I use mine in the shower from time to time and haven't had any problems with it.
    3) Mine came with the cleanser too, and the cleanser was okay on my skin. After I used it all up, I went back to my usual cleanser.
    4) I don't have the body scrub one, so I don't know.
    Hope this helps a little bit.

  2. I was nervous at first too! lol! I use mine every morning. Depends on the day if I bring it in the shower with me or just immediately use it after. I have used the face wash that came with it, and it seemed to be just fine. My skin is super sensitive and I heard that Cetaphil is a good option to use with it so I picked some up. I use that now every day with and it my skin feels and looks so much better! While I still have lots of redness -- sensitive skin problem, I no longer have any dry patches on my nose or cheeks like I usually do in the winter. YEH! I have even used it a few times on my neck and chest and loved it! Also, mine came with the regular head/brush but I plan on switching to the sensitive skin ones in the next month or so.

  3. I love my Clarisonic! I got one for my birthday last year. I use it everyday and haven't had any problems. I wash my face as soon as I get out of the shower, but my sister takes hers in with her and she doesn't have any problems. I just use my regular face wash. My skin is definitely softer!

  4. Depends on your skin - I use mine every couple days. And I totally use mine in the shower! I just use my regular face wash? I suds up my face then put a few pumps of soap on the brush & apply. The key is to make sure it's not dry going on the skin!