Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell: My Ground Hog Day

Linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays, today's topic is Groundhog Day. What day would I pick to relive over and over? It's so hard, do I pick our wedding, the day we got engaged, the day my kids were born...actually no, I would not pick either one of those days, that hurt! haha...

I don't think I would pick a specific day, like August 12, 2012 I think I am going to pick the idea of the perfect day. Which has happened, I just can't find that specific day, did that make sense?

Anyway, onto my Groundhog Day.

I'd pick a day in the summer, maybe mid August. Our pool is warm, the weather is awesome from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. We'd wake up at 8:30am and get some good snuggles in while watching some morning cartoons.

Then we'd make some pancakes

Hop on our bikes and take a bike ride up to our favorite Star Bucks outdoor seating area and meet up with my family.

Mini Fox's first time on a bike. We have since bought her a helmet that actually fits her head.
Then we'd head back home for some naps and a little down time.


After naps we'll go swimming (afternoons are the best for swimming because most of our pool is in shade)

Then after swimming or have our friends over for swimming too, we'd BBQ and eat outside while the kids swim some more.

Then baths

He looks angry, but really that's just his cheese face, LOL

and bed time with no delay tactics (haha, see what I did there...yep ideal world, no delay tactics).

Then some movie watching with Mr. to round out the day. And that my friends is a perfect, repeatable day. I do have to say, that most weekends during the summer are like this, so I guess that's good that it's my perfect day :)

So what does your Groundhog Day look like?

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  1. I am jealous of your summer weekends! lol! This sounds like a great day Sarah!

  2. Your ground hog day looks oh so lovely and warm. I just spent 2 hours digging my car out of snow :/

  3. oh sunshine and pools. You have the best house.

  4. oh hey I'll take a few of those days on repeat too. 830 sounds like heaven ha. And swimming and starbucks =) good pick!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun (esp. as I look at all the snow on the ground right now).

  6. Oh summer come quickly. I would absolutely love to go back to a similar day myself.

    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!