Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Help My iPhone Broke!

Yep, it happened again. I'm really re-thinking this whole I am old enough to have an iPhone. Seriously! First the whole incident with the water thing happened. Then I never told you, back in December (now I could blame Mr. but I won't, I'll take responsibility), I had some lip gloss that lost it's lid. And instead of throwing it away...I just kept it in the cubby on the side of my middle console that I NEVER use. It just sat there, unprotected, but it worked, when I needed some lip gloss it was just always there. It was there for about a year. Well something must have happened and it leaked EVERYWHERE. Seriously, after that long and it decided to leak now? Anyway, I was driving and Mr. put my phone in that little cubby, because he thinks it's a good phone holder. And then the speaker got clogged with lip gloss. Oops! But wait before that or during that, I'm not exactly sure when it happened...I dropped my iPhone and the back cracked! Seriously, the back cracked, I guess I am thankful. After that really long intro, let's get to it.

You will not believe how easy this was! Seriously, Mr. bought a back from eBay for $4, no joke. He also bought a tool kit for about the same price.

Doesn't this look almost like the original? Crazy right?
We followed this guy's tutorial.

This is my iPhone, can't even tell it's cracked can ya? But it made a funny crunchy noise when I pushed down on the back...not good right?

Take off the cover and this is what I got...crazy!

Here's how to fix it

Step 1:

Using the handy dandy took kit you just got, use the screw driver to take out the screws.

TIP #1: We use clear plastic cups to hold the screws. That way you can always seem them, and they won't roll away. Those things are small!

Step 2: 

Take off the back

Tip #2: We (when I say we, I really mean Mr.) used gloves in case the glass shattered any more, we didn't want tiny shards of glass in Mr.'s hands.

You have to use a little bit of pressure, but the back does come off really easily.

Step 3: 
Slip on the new backing and put the screws back in. That easy...I know right? Why are you paying someone $25+ to do something that takes minutes to do and is less then a $5 fix.

Okay so now onto the more complicated fix. The speaker. Literally you have to take out every single thing in your iPhone to fix the speaker. So of course do this at your own risk. Mr. followed this guy's tutorial.

See all those plastic cups holding the individual screw sets? Yep, also helpful for putting back together.

I don't have a step by step, it took him about an hour 15 minutes, but he said now that he knows how to do it, it would probably only take 20 minutes. So the next time I screw up my speaker, 20 minutes :) Oh and the speaker was about $5. The guy at the shop said it was a $40 fix...woo hoo for having a handy husband.

Now all Mr. has to do is replace the front screen and he'll have put together a whole iphone, hopefully that doesn't happen though. Fingers crossed, so far not even a year into it and I've broken it several times. Oops!

Hopefully you aren't as clumsy as I am with my phone and won't need this, but just in case...here's how to fix if you get your phone wet.

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  1. Wow! Unbelievable and fantastic at the same time!

  2. Good to know that can be fixed without paying someone an outrageous amount of money! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow $4 on off Ebay thats it, geesh and it really does look so simple so either I do this or wait until next month when I get an upgrade, hm...

  4. So glad you posted this! I just got my first iphone and who knows what might happen in the future!