Monday, February 23, 2015

My Favorite Things: Target Edition

We had a super busy weekend, recap coming up sometime this week, I promise. Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Favorite Things: Target Edition. I love love, love, love. Mr. has NO idea why I like it so much. I like going there and just wandering around the isles. Looking at the make-up, the clothes, jewelry, movies, books, you name it, I look at it.


Love the kids clothes. You can find some great deals in the clearance section, and I sort of love the Circo rack that has all the t-shirts for the kids.

Boys T-Shirts

Girl T-Shirts

My absolutely favorite t-shirt for myself is the Ultimate style at Target. If you ever see a t-shirt on my chances are they are the Ultimate Tee from Target. Super comfy and soft and the best part is the white isn't see through, score!  Short sleeve and long sleeve version, go try them, you won't be disappointed.


Okay I know you can get the same stuff cheaper at other places, but I spend so much time here, that it just makes sense to buy my make-up from here too. Here are my favorite "drug store" make-up products.

These have got to be my favorite. Seriously. They are the They are little q-tips, but when you break the tip with the stripe on it, the make up runs down the stick and into the q-tip part and you have a q-tip with some make-up remover. I use these whenever I have a little eyeliner smudge. These are oil free so as soon as it dries you are good to go. They are the best and great for on the go too.

Buy them now!

They have a great selection of nail polish. Love OPI and their hilarious names, this is the Thank Glogg it's Friday. I tend to go with darker colors, I think it looks best with my skin tone. What are your favorite colors? Any brands that are a must have? Next Favorite Things is on March 30, and I'll be telling you all about my favorites...stay tuned.

I LOVE the wet and wild lipsticks. I know reminds you of when you were a kid right? No? Well it does for me, it was the brand to have back in the day. Anyway, these are long lasting, and great to put on. I have at least 10 colors? I think I might have a problem. So much so that I accidentally bought the same color twice! Oops, oh well, at least I'll never run out.
It doesn't seem they have a lot of inventory on line, but in the stores they do

Moving on to


Mr. loves this brand of tea and Stash. They are super cheap at Target for some reason. At the grocery store they run $5 but at target they are around $3, save $2, yes please! Sometimes you can even get it on sale, it's so awesome, we definitely stock up when it's on sale.

They have some great deals on the food, just have to look for them. Like the other day I was buying some soda and if you bought 3 cases for $9 you got free 6 pack of Snapple, like what?! Okay then...I'm in! I ended up giving the Snapple to my parents, but hey free is free!

Dollar Section

Found this picture here, this is not a recent Target picture.

I love this section, I don't find stuff often that I get, but it's just the thrill that I MIGHT find something for a $1.


Ever since I got my phone and I could finally get this little app called Cartwheel it's changed my life. Okay not really, but it's awesome, it gives you even MORE deal on stuff at Target! Yes Please.

I love that they have clearance stuff randomly throughout the store, it's like a treasure hunt to find the good deals.

So what are your favorite things at Target?


  1. Cartwheel is the best! And you can't beat the kid's clothes there! They hold up really well for multiple washings! We need that with X! lol!

  2. Great Post!! Love the true!! The Dollar Spot Rocks!! I haven't been in a Target in so long!! Have to make a trip!!

  3. Love Cartwheel, I mentioned that on my favorite things as well!!