Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parent Initiation + A Really Cute Outfit

Another go to outfit, although it's starting to warm up around here, and the boots are getting a little too warm to wear, sorry all of you East Coasters. I really missed Winter here. Seriously we got 1 week of it, maybe 2 at the most. Yes 2 weeks of winter, and then it went back to being!

Some Randoms

This is what our side yard looks like:

Mr. is so excited that the vine is arching over the fountain just the way he wanted it to. It smells divine out here.

Yes there is a cinder block behind the fountain, just in case it decides to fall backwards. The piece that holds it up got thrown away in the renovation. We improvised on the fly.
I think I've been initiated into parenthood. Guess what it is? Having two kids: not it, potty training a kid: not it, getting peed on: okay that is sort of one, getting kids to sleep through the night: not it...are you ready for what initiated me into real life parenthood? LICE! Yes I said that right. We got that call, the one we've always dreaded, or maybe not you, but I have. That someone at Baby Fox's school had lice! Ewww!! What did I do? I panicked and called my mom. LOL. Isn't it weird that you (okay...I) always call Mom to solve the problem...well my friends I am a Mom; there is this tiny human that is going to be calling me when things go wrong. Is it okay to just say, call Nana? Haha, just kidding. I know I'll be fine, just had to put that out there. Sorry got side tracked, then after the phone call...and we checked and everything turned out okay...I gave myself mental lice. Do you know what I mean? I kept thinking I had lice, even though we checked very thoroughly. I thought I was itchy when I wasn't. Mr. thought it was hilarious took a picture of me being nauratic.

I told you guys I would update you on my working out/dieting thing. Well I've only been doing it for a few days, so I won't report today. But I am going to tell you that Mr. asked me if I wanted to try out this diet/new way of eating. It's from a book called 4 hour body. It's a pretty amazing book with some awesome stuff in it. But the part we're doing, is literally 4 pages out of a 300+ book. Crazy right? When I figure it out a little more I'll fill ya in. But it's basically a fat burning diet. We'll see, all I know is that Saturday is our cheat day and I am so looking forward to it!

Except that I get a cheat day on Saturday and yes it's a mandatory cheat day...yes please!

Anything random happening in your life? Fill me in!


  1. Love your outfit! The scarf is so pretty with the blue tunic. Luckily we never had lice, but there were a few scares during the elementary school days. As soon as I hear that someone has lice, my head starts itching too!

  2. Cute outfit! And you know I love that scarf! I know what you mean when the panic sets in! When I walk in to pick up Xavier and see a sign that a kid has lice or some other sickness I freak out! Other than hand, mouth & foot when he was younger we are doing ok so far (knock on wood). Glad to hear you all were clear!

  3. Great outfit. Don't even show me outside pictures with flowers. Jealous.

  4. Love this outfit so much!! You are so, so pretty!