Monday, February 16, 2015

Things I would Be Awful At

No weekend blog post for you guys today, I know, tragedy right? Okay not really, but we had a super busy weekend, and I left my camera with most of the pictures at my Aunt's house and who knows when I'll get it back. Hopefully soon! Cause I miss my camera already! Quick run down...

Friday -> Lots of driving, but had fun with some old friends
Saturday -> More driving, but had fun with family
Sunday -> More driving, but did the Discovery Science Center and dinner with friends

You can imagine the pictures, although on Friday we forgot to take a picture of us...bummer!

Now onto the post:

Mr. and I were in bed and we usually chat for a few minutes...okay usually it's more like, until I tell him I have to go to sleep because I have to wake up early for work. But's our conversation:

Me:  You know what I would be really bad at?
Mr.: What?
Me:  The show Naked and Afraid

Have you guys seen it? It's basically they shove a man and a woman in some remote awful place and tell them to survive for 21 days.

Mr.: Yea you probably would be really bad at that show.

So this is what prompted my post, let's get started:

Because I couldn't find a good meme for this post, and I think this penguin is cute, he has nothing to do with this post...

Let's go back to the Naked and Afraid

Why I would be awful at this: I am allergic to everything. This includes bug bites. With bug bites, a normal person gets them, it may or may not itch, but it lasts a few days and it's gone. I get a bug bite and one of two things might happen. 1) it itches for all eternity. No seriously, I have a bug bit I got on my stomach over the summer, it's still there and it still itches. 2) It's a flea bite and it grows into this gross abnormal thing that takes years to recover from and itches like crazy for at least a year. I wish I was exaggerating.

What Mr. said: You know, knowing you if you even survived from the bug bites, there would be one thing on the entire island you could eat and it would be soy and you wouldn't be able to eat it, so you would just die. Thanks Mr.

How Long I think I would last: Less than 60 seconds, No joke...I would probably have about 100 bug bites in those 60 seconds and want to die. Mr. said: That's probably accurate.

Pole Vault

Mr. You know what else you would be bad at: Pole Vault.
Me: What?!
Mr. Pole vault, when you said things you would be bad at that's the first thing that popped into my mind.
Me: You're weird, why would you think that?
Mr. I'm not sure, but think about it, you probably couldn't even hold a pole long enough to get over anything over, what 5 feet?
Me: That's probably true.

Why I would be awful at this: I am afraid of heights, like really afraid, I sort of got over it in high school, when I had to stand on a big tall ladder all the time (band geek alert, different story for me to tell). But for the most part I don't like heights and free falling, wuss. I mean so scared I can't even scream type of afraid. And the whole rock climbing thing...I never look down, ever. Plus I'm attached to rope attached to Mr. Someone I trust completely (good thing since I married him right?

What Mr. Said: See above

Paranormal Detective

Why I would be awful at this: Not saying that I do or don't believe in this, but I am a big scaredy cat. I get scared when I'm in the kitchen and Mr. walks in unannounced, even though I know he's in the house. I just don't think I would be good at it, because my eyes would be covered most of the time. AND I don't think I would ever sleep. Like ever. I have stopped watching scary movies because I would have nightmares every darn night.

What Mr. Said: You would never even try that, so that doesn't count. It totally does, I would be really bad at this.

So there ya go, three things I would be truly awful at.
So what would be on your list?


  1. lol. I've never heard of that first one but I'm sure I'd be awful at it too. And all of the above. I can't watch scary movies anymore either. I can't sleep for a week afterwards. Not worth it!!! Along with pole vaulting I'd suck at hurdles. I just don't bend that way. Or am not coordinated enough.

  2. Standing on a ladder... drum major. :) From one band geek to another.

    And I'm the same way with bug bits. I had one on my leg for like 6 months and finally the dermatologist biopsied it (and it came back as probably not cancer) so I had the rest of it surgically removed. Who has bug bites surgically removed?! I also had to have steroids once to get rid of a spider bite.

    The pole vault one made me laugh. That's so random!

  3. Haha! Great post! Nathan and I talk about Naked and Afraid all the time. I know without a doubt I could never do it! Eeekkkk