Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - How I met My Mate (AKA Mr.)

Another Show and Tell Tuesday here with Andrea, this time we're talking about how we met our mates and how we got engaged. I did a whole series on how we met already, but I'll gladly recap it for you guys.

We met in a bar, end of story.

Haha, just kidding. My girlfriends from junior high and I finally got together to go out. We decided to go to West Hollywood to a place called Barney's Beanery. Our booths were next to each other. Mr. was out with his band, yep he was in a band (singer/song writer), and his group of friends and my group of friends started talking.

The end of the night rolls around and we decided to head back to one of the guys apartments to hang out. Totally sketchy right? But we figured there are 4 of us and one of my friends and one of his friends were really hitting it off. So off we went. Since they were in a band we convinced them to sing some songs for us. So they busted out the guitars and started singing...talk about winning a girl over. End of the night rolls around and one of the guys is driving us home, there isn't room for Mr. to fit in the car, we're not sure what to do...it's just a little awkward. Anyway, I just casually wave and say goodbye, and start walking towards the car, when my friend says, Sarah go hug your friend. I happy turn right around and practically skip towards him to give him a hug.

Yes we exchanged numbers, and yes it took him exactly 2 weeks to call me! He left a voicemail message:

"Hi this is Mr., umm....I think we met at a bar in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. I've tried but I can't get you out of my mind, want to do lunch sometime this week? Call me back at...hope you hear from you."

Smooth right?

I should tell you that we were both dating people at the time? I probably should have mentioned that right? Anyway, I call him back and we go to California Pizza Kitchen the next day. We had great conversation and while walking we kept brushing hands, and I knew I had a boyfriend, so I kept stepping away, but we were just drawing to each other and our hands kept brushing. If you ask Mr. he says that it was all me, I think it was all him.

He emailed me that afternoon asking for another lunch date and I had to tell him that I had a boyfriend. I was surprised when he wrote back because I thought for sure I would never hear from him.  He said something along the lines I'm sorry to hear that. I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. It just means that someone saw how wonderful you are and got to you before I even had a chance. He's a lucky guy. I hope this isn't goodbye, I'd still like to get to know you, as a friend. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wow, I was not expecting that response. This was definitely someone I wanted to get to know better. My then boyfriend and I were having issues, I had been talking to my parents about it and they told me that while he was a great guy I needed to do what I felt in my heart. So I broke up with him. I knew that if I found someone else this interesting that there wasn't a future with this other guy. So I broke up with him, Mr. broke up with his girlfriend and well, the rest is history.

This is us a few months after we started dating. We went to see my cousin play football and then headed back to my parents house for dinner. I had literally just chopped my hair off the day before.

We didn't have a digital camera so the pictures were few and far between. Surprising considering how much I love pictures.

We knew probably 3 weeks after dating that we wanted to get married. Our dating anniversary is July 10th. We don't celebrate it any more, heck we can hardly remember when it is, and usually days past and we say, oh hey, our dating anniversary just past! Oops. We got engaged in Santa Barbara 11 months after we started dating, sometime in June 2004. Is it bad that I don't remember the specific date? Us at dinner. He took me to El Encanto, it was so cute, and the food was delicious!

 Of course I said yes and 9 months later we were married!

We're celebrating 10 years of marriage in April, we're going back to Santa Barbara to celebrate. Can't wait! First time away from both kids since Mini Fox was born, a much needed break and hopefully lots of shopping gets done :)

So how did you meet your spouse? I love hearing all the stories! 


  1. Oh my gosh that is just too cute! Love this story :-) totally had my cracking up!

  2. This is so cute/funny! I love this story!

  3. Love learning more about you, but mostly I love the old pictures of you!