Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites #34

Happy Friday! Guess what? It's Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale for all of us who didn't get access last week. I am writing this on Thursday night and I have my shopping cart ready to go for Midnight tonight! Don't think I"m not staying up. I'm not letting those East coast folks get the stuff before me!

Here are my 5 Favorite things this week.

Look what I finally got up?! Miracle right? Anyway, it's a Mommy/Son date, guess where we went? Watch to find out!

OH and might have done a little extra vlog with Baby Fox, I'm going to try to get that together for next week sometime...stay tuned.

Some of the things I'm getting from the sale. I have all the tabs open and ready to go for midnight, please tell me I'm not the only one.  The sweater: Sheaffer has been talking about the "blardigan" (she coined that term because it's like a blanket and cardigan all wrapped up into one), I am finally just going to do it. For two years least I think it's been that long, I've been hearing about it, I want to see waht all the fuss is about. I'm pretty much expecting to live in it.

What I Want From Nordies Anniversary Sale

Blardigan ($60.92) \ Dress ($24.90) \ High Low Shirt ($12.90) \ Eye Shadow ($15.00) \ Lip Gloss ($25.00) \ Jeans ($59.60)

Sale prices are in the parenthesis

What did you get for the Anniversary sale? Anything I need to know about and have to go get right now?

Playing hide and seek...cutest thing ever! Can you see Baby Fox too?

Family outing to get some dinner, the kids like to ride in style.

This girl has been in triple the amount of time outs as Baby Fox. Boy we're in trouble when she becomes a teenager...seriously. She was in time out this time because she hit Daddy in the face. She never cries, she just stands there with her nose in the corner waiting for us to come get her and give her a hug. Bless her heart she's a sweet but opinionated thing.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for $500 for an Amazon Giftcard! Good luck!

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