Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites #36

I found these on Mr.'s phone from Saturday. Awww, aren't we so cute. In just 5 days, this phone is going to be mine...woo hoo!

Also found this one Mr.'s phone...geez, he needs to share with me more often. NO really I just left my phone at home and the babysitter knew that, so she sent the pictures to Mr. and I forgot to get them off his phone. But how cute are these bee jammies? I got them at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, they're no longer available, darn!

She also sent this super cute video. Love when she sends us stuff while we're gone.

Have you seen this girls closet/work space...holy cow, talk about amazing and puts all Man Caves to shame. Granted she's a fashion designer and does all of her sewing and creating there, but how cool is this closet? Swoon.

Started watching Ballers this week. Have you seen it? Awesome show and it has my man, Dwane "The Rock" Johnson, although I think he's dropped The Rock, but that's how I'll always know him.

We're going to see one of my best friends in from Virginia, we only get to see each other once or twice a year so we're spending some time together this week with her and her two kids. I haven't met her youngest yet, so I'm excited! 

Off to go meet them! Then this weekend we have 4 parties to go to, wish us luck...and I haven't bought a gift for one of them! Oops.

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