Tuesday, July 21, 2015

House Edition - Mini Fox's Room

You know Andrea asked for a house tour and I realized I never gave you the tour of Mini Fox's room. So you're going to get two posts today. One of just Mini Fox's room and then I'll summarize it all for you in the next post...which will go live a couple of minutes after this one. I figure I gave every other room it's own post, Mini Fox deserved her own post too.

I couldn't get her whole room in one shot, so I had to take two, funny I should have stitched these two pictures together, they almost match perfectly. But you can pretty much get the idea. We used Baby Fox's old baby furniture, and bought Baby Fox the new furniture when Mini Fox came along. When we found out we were having a girl, we definitely wanted to use pink in the room, and I figured out that I wanted to do pink and grey. See her letters across her room? Mr. and I made those and you can find that tutorial here.

On the back wall is this needle point that my best friend made for our wedding. We never had a spot to put it before, and loved that we could incorporate it in her room.

 This was a hand me down from a co-worker of my Dad's. Actually we got it when we had Baby Fox and NEVER used it. Seriously it just sat downstairs collecting dust. Once Mini Fox came around I thought it would be nice to actually use it. Nursing wasn't scary any more, and I thought it would be nice to nurse her in it. We have a very handy friend and she showed me how to make slip covers. My mom and I went to JoAnn's and picked out this fuzzy material, I forgot to take the picture, but the other side is grey, so we can mix and match. Turns out it's way easier to make a slip cover then I thought. I should have taken pictures as I was doing it, but well, I wasn't sure if it was going to work, and just wanted to get it done. But I love the little ruffle detail around the back cushion.

I was going to make a quilt using the same fabric from her letters from her canvas wall hangings, but well, time got away from me. I have all of the fabric, sitting in my craft cabinet...maybe this year I'll try to do that...hmmm...

Mr. actually found this at Hobby Lobby, one day  he just came home with it. We thought it was the perfect thing to hang above her bed, because we both knew I didn't have time to make the quilt. Actually I was going to do it before she was born, you know those 4 weeks that you get before baby comes? Yeah...she came 2 weeks early and ruined those plans, haha.

This is her dresser/changing table. See the covering on the changing pad? Yep same material used for her chair, and our friend also made a grey matching one...see I told you, she was a handy lady. She knows how to sew everything. Of course our snowboards live in her room. We had them in Baby Fox's room until we switched him to a big boy bed and we didn't want him to accidentally knock them over on him. We though it appropriate to keep the tradition alive and put them in her room for safe keeping.

Mr. actually bought these frames to go in our bathroom, to sort of go with the pictures we have hanging in there of Baby Fox, but it turns out these were way too small and didn't look right, instead I put them in her room. I should probably put other photos in it, but I just love these ones so much.

 And I"m going to show you the ridiculous amount of clothes Mini Fox has...seriously most of these clothes are 18-2T, so they all pretty much fit her right now. I've given so many clothes away. But on a positive note, we have so many generous family and friends who have given us/donated so many things to Mini Fox.

P.S. the blow up mattress "bed" is so awesome. It's this collapsible frame that can fit a blow up mattress so it's off the ground. Think...of those EZ-Ups, it's like that in how it accordions out, but instead of a canvas it's flat and you put a blow up mattress on it. This is the one we bought, but it looks like QVC has the same exact one too. It's pretty awesome and it makes your guests feel like you're sleeping on an actual bed.

This is the space just to the right of her closet and the door. I originally put this there to see if I liked having a bookshelf here. I wanted to get a white one, and this was one I bought from Target when I moved out of my parents house, it was here for a temporary thing, but almost 2 years later, it's more like it collects stuff...I really need to go through it, but well, this is real life, I'm showing you what it really looks like, not what I want it to look like, haha.

and there you have it, Mini Fox's room.  Hope you enjoyed her room tour! Click here for our other room tours.

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