Monday, July 6, 2015

I Went Skydiving!

Monday after a holiday weekend is always hard right? We had a great weekend, as usual. And if you didn't know the extra fun thing I did with my dad? I went sky diving! Yep I jumped out of an airplane...because I wanted to! But let's rewind to Thursday.

We went swimming after work, it was fairly hot and I decided to skip my allergy shot and go on Friday morning since Mr. had it off.

After swimming and dinner I headed out with the girls for a little MNO to see:

I have to admit, I sort of liked it more than the first one. Not sure why, but it was definitely entertaining. We also saw it at this super swanky place, that had reclining seats and food service, yep, I ordered french fries mid movie, it was pretty awesome.

How cool is this? Totally worth the $23 price tag to hang with great friends, drink and eat while watching a movie. Perfect MNO out if you ask me.

 Great night with great friends.

I was able to get to the gym Friday before the kids got up...and want to hear the most embarrassing story?  So I I saw a guy using this board and he made it look so easy. Seriously, NOT easy! I ran for a bit and then after my run I wanted to try it out. So I got it all set up...on the laminate flooring...put on foot on...tried (key word here)...tried to put the other foot on...and the board went flying across the room, and I fell into a big heap on the floor with a big THUD! Talk about embarrassing. Luckily it was 7:30am and not too many people were around. And then this guy came up to me and said, it's easier if you do it over there on the carpet, more friction...and he was right, and it was a good leg workout, so it was worth the huge bruises on my knees, hehe.

Allergy office was closed because of the Holiday...womp, womp.

Mr. and I decided to divide and conquer Friday, so I took Baby Fox with me to my eyebrow appointment (I have no ability to pluck my own), and some errands.
Waiting at the salon, Baby Fox thought it was time to lay down and relax a bit, haha.

Then we hit up the mall to return some stuff and play on the pirate ship.

If you wanted to know what holiday traffic looked like going to San Diego on Friday at noon.

Luckily this was our off ramp, so it wasn't too bad for us. We went to In and Out for lunch, yum!

He didn't want to smile...I was trying to tickle him to get him to smile, eventually I won.

 Then it was back for naps, dinner and some snuggling and being silly.

Saturday was the big day! I actually semi-vlogged our you'll see that, hopefully on Thursday. Woke up and got the food that we were going to bring to my Aunt and Uncle's. He was the supervisor, making sure I was doing everything right.

My dad and I checking in...

This is the plane we went up in! So small right? What have I gotten myself into?!

I put together a quick video of just the sky diving portion of the day. I did get a video done by the sky diving place, but they are going to mail it to me, since we had to get going and didn't have time to wait. So when the comes and it's not too embarrassing, I'll show you some of it.

You know I should do a thoughts on sky diving...maybe convince some of you. If I have time I'll do that for the video on Thursday. If not, then I'll just have to write it out for you. Bottom line it was awesome! The worst part of the whole thing was the plane ride to get to the jump site. Seriously I thought I was going to puke and then have a heart attack. But the actual jump, pretty amazing. And no you don't get that roller coaster feeling, but more on that later. My aunt took some pictures of us, so when I get that I'll show you.

At my Aunt and Uncle's and we did it! Two happy campers.

The party was super fun and the fireworks were amazing!

Jumping on the trampoline, they kept calling it a bounce house.

We left my aunt and uncle's at 8 to go watch the fireworks, the kids all loved it!

Mini Fox wanted to sit with Papa and Nana, they said she LOVED it and was mesmerized. 

Baby Fox loved them too, just like last year.

We drove over 250 miles in one day, but so worth it and so much fun! Sunday was super low key and really lazy. I didn't even get dressed until noon.

Mini Fox and I went to Target and grocery shopping. Mini Fox just loves the red balls. Have you ever seen the guy that took a picture with these balls everyday for a year? He called it #targetballing I couldn't even imagine what that was like, going here everyday for a year, rain or shine, yikes, that's commitment. My favorite I think was the Captain Crunch picture.

She was upset because she wanted the pacifier open, haha! You can see she tried.

We went to two grocery stores, both the kids love the cart, and I think she especially liked it on Sunday because she got the whole thing to herself.

She kept saying Hi Mommy, Hi Mommy

Look at me Mommy!

Don't worry I snapped the picture and then took her out of the cart because she kept doing this, super cute but not safe
We finished out the rest of the day with naps and cleaning up a bit. Mini Fox helped by putting the coolers away.


 That was our weekend, can't wait to show you guys more details of our Saturday. It was fun.

What was the most exciting part of your weekend?

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