Monday, July 20, 2015

Navy Ship Tour and Lots of Rain

I had Friday off, so I was able to walk Baby Fox to school. Last time this year, this is his last week of school, am debating whether or not to take Friday off so I can walk him one last time...but then thought, you know what? It's not his last day of preschool ever, I'll do it next year. Maybe...probably...okay who are we kidding, I'm probably going to work from home on Friday.

Finally I got him to jump in the she's not looking.

After we dropped him off, Mini Fox and I hit up the Nordstrom Sale in person to try on some of the boots I was eyeing. They didn't work out, sad face.

Friday night we decided to have Nana and Ampa over for swimming (no pictures of that, oops) and dinner - steak, potatoes and broccoli, yum.

She loves getting hauled around.

Saturday we were up early to drive to San Diego for a tour of a Navy Ship. We have a friend in the Navy stationed there, so he got us on one of the ships for a tour, super cool.

This is all of the awards this ship has recieved.

The round circular thing is the gong, that the sound off to other ships and they ring a bell so they know how far away each other are.

Ringing the gong.

Baby Fox's favorite part was going up and down all of the ladders.

We're at the front of the ship now.

Dark clouds coming in, there was light rain and a bunch of lightening while we were on the ship

Baby Fox is driving the ship!

Mini Fox driving...

View out the front window, they were saying that sometimes when out in sea that sometimes the weather gets so bad that this window will get crashed with waves, that the whole front of the ship will go under water and the the waves start hitting this window, crazy!

I'm driving! Or is it Steering?

Baby Fox sitting in the Captain's one gets to sit in this chair...they made an exception for the kids. The guy we know said he's been in the Navy for almost 20 years and he's never sat in this chair.

The kids really are having fun...

Meeting room

More importantly we stopped in the kitchen for a cookie and juice.

There isn't a cookie this kid will turn down.

The lightening is starting. We finally let Mini Fox out of the Ergo, and the lightening and thunder hit almost at the same time, and shook the ground, Mini Fox didn't know what to do with her self, she started running around in a circle, and ran into Mr.'s legs and started saying UP, UP, UP!  It was hilarious.

We got back to the car just in time! Then we drove over to grab some lunch.

These two are just too cute, they are 4 months apart. She's playing hard to get.

Still not totally sure about him.

Yep, okay I'll give you some bunny crackers.

It took us 3 hours to get home, ugh! It should have been less than 2. We got Roku over the weekend, anyone else have one? That thing is pretty awesome. Now we can get Netflix downstairs...

We watched Rainbow Rocks (it's a My Little Pony movie), Baby Fox is obsessed currently.

Dinner was left over from the day before, he outfit is just too cute. We also made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, yum.

Sunday was a very lazy day. Swim lessons in the early afternoon. Baby Fox learned how to dive. Check it out, sorry about the grainy quality.

After swim lessons back home for some lunch. That's Rainbow Rock playing...again.

These two are too cute sitting here eating lunch.

Some seriously coloring going on here.

The weather was so crazy this weekend, first the rain on Saturday, or should I say down pour? Mr. was saying that since they've been recording the weather, the previous record for rain in July was 0.01 inches...and this weekend we got over an inch. Which was great, but it was such tropical weather. It was 90° at 90% humidity, hot, hot, hot. So Sunday it said 50% chance of rain...but in the morning it was sunny and hot, but nice out. Then all of a sudden the clouds came in a dumped some more water on us, it was so weird.

Currently there are 3 freesbies and 4 balls in our pool... Baby Fox needs better aim, haha.

Nana and Ampa asked if we wanted to come over for dinner. Never pass up and opportunity for that. Some appetizers.

My dad found this dress and two wands for $3 at a garage sale, score. She loved the dress.

Watching the Frozen song, at the end she gets so excited to see Olaf..every.single.time.  I took a video but forgot it at home, oops. I'll post later.

Racing back to the car...yes he's in a car that says...don't put kids here...hehe.

 How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?

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