Friday, July 3, 2015

June In Numbers

Linking up with Deena for my life in numbers post. I love looking back on these posts recapping my month in a fun way. Find last month here.

2 - The number of birthday parties we went to.

4 - The number of swim lessons Baby Fox took

6 -  The number of videos I posted to my youtube channel. My favorite video that I posted this month.

20 - The number of posts I wrote in June

My most viewed post was my backyard

Have to go to the post to see the afters. See what I did there?
11 - The number of allergy shots that I got.

492 - The number of times I watched these videos

Back story: Everything on our Dish Network DVR got wiped out.I was calling to see if they could either upgrade our system so it wouldn't happen again, or magically somehow get all of our stuff back. Baby Fox insisted that he talk to the Dish Network people. Mr. said, talk into my phone and tell them what you want, you can hear me in the background talking to the Dish people.

21 - The number of miles I hiked

24 - The number of Selfies I took with family and friends

520 - The number of pictures I took of just things my family and I did

284 - The number of pictures I took at my friends company party

2 - The number of hours I spent trying to prevent the leaking eyeball

5 - The number of times I went to Target

Happy 4th of July, stay safe, eat lots and enjoy the time with family and Friends! If you didn't watch yesterdays Vlog, go watch it to find out what I'm doing tomorrow!

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