Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites #56

Happy Weekend. I'm at Legoland and trying to write this post before we take off (Thursday afternoon).   I should be packing...So this one might be short.

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

I am finally, finally down to going to get allergy shots every 2-3 weeks...I can't believe I'm 4 appointments away from only having to go once a month!

I found my black leggings! They were still packed in a suitcase. I've been looking everywhere for them! But when I got the suit case out to pack for Legoland there they were...funny enough the last time I used the suitcase was for Legoland...haha!

This Engineering mama can't be more proud of her son, who put together his very first was a speaker. Is it ok that I want to play with it when he's not around?

So happy to be headed back to this place with my cousin and her kids. Just us Mama's and a bunch of kids. Wish us luck, we're all sharing a room :)

Those people aren't us, I was just taking the picture, haha
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