Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hair Challenge 2016 Link Up #5

Another Wednesday, I can't believe we are on week 5 of the Hair Challenge! I did a few new hair styles, and even sort of made one up on my own, go me!

I was trying to create this braid...I had seen other videos braid three strands and then hold onto one strand and push the other two up strands up...but her way is way easier, going to try that one next week. Obviously this was a fail and I took it out immediately. Actually I was practicing before bed to see what I was going to do in the morning...yikes! That was not it!

Here are the ones that actually worked. Thursday to work I did a rope twist braid, simple and gets my hair out of my face for work.

Friday I had the day off, so I actually had time to do my hair...yep did a fancy updo/prom do for a regular Friday of preschool drop off and pick up, along with going to Disneyland. I got this from Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles, isn't that where I get most of my styles?

Saturday I did the same thing as above, but a braid version. I forgot to take a picture...oops. I actually tried something else, and Mr. said, nope that doesn't look good, too many fly aways. I think it would have been a cool hair style if there wasn't so many fly aways...I'll get more on that later...

Sunday it was rainy and I had errands and dirty hair. I love the fullness of it. Wish I had gotten a better picture. Darn, next time!

Monday to work I did this. I was running late and needed something quick and easy.

I basically took two sides of my hair and tied it with a hair tie and then flipped it inside out a few times to create the twist.

Yesterday I worked from home and had to get to PT and had dirty hair, so I needed to put it up. I wanted to do something fun, but ran out of time and did this in about 3 minutes. I tried the upside down French braid, but it did it too loose, so next time I'll make it a little tighter, I only ended up bringing in two sides of hair, which makes for a small braid. By the time I put it in the pony tail and loosened it up, it almost disappeared. I did like how it kept all of the lose hairs from under the pony tail swept up.

If you look very closely you can see the French braid a little bit.

Back to my fly away issue, which you can see here in that messy-ish bun up there. I'm on a mission to find the right products for fly aways and styling in general. I watch all of these hair tutorials online and you know what's missing? The products they used BEFORE they styles. None of them have fly aways...what?! Is it just me noticing this? I might be slightly sensitive to it. Anyway...Here's my first round of products.

Let's break it down...I'll start with the KMS. I sort of have no idea what any of this stuff does, but have heard it mentioned here and there, so thought I would give it a try.

I did buy these with my own money, but linked products are affiliates and I will receive a small commission if you click on it. Thank you for your support!

Gel Wax*Provides the support and control of a gel and the flexibility and shine of a wax. How To Use: Work through towel dried hair. Blow dry for weightless sculpting and moderate hold. Use in dried hair for strong hold and separation.

Dry WaxAchieves a "perfectly undone" look with tousled definition, flexible hold and matte finish. How To Use: Shake, spray into towel dried hair and blow dry. Use in dry hair for a textured finish.

Shampoo*and Conditioner- These I just wanted to try out some new shampoo, cause why not?

Tame Frizz Taming CremeAdds definition and style manageability. Provides humidity resistance and heat protection. How To Use: Work through towel-dried hair. Air or blow dry. Add to dry hair for extra definition and control.

Now onto the Bed Head products

Manipulator*Pliable fiber-forming cream that separates, twists, spikes for funky hair. Gives body and tames fly-aways for a more natural look. Good for any hair length and texture. How To Use: Work this fiber-forming cream through clean, damp or dry hair. The more you use, the more texture you get! On damp hair blow-dry or let hair dry naturally.

Control Freak*This light, greaseless and humidity resistant formula delivers a straight-up glossy finish. Conditions and moisturizes hair, seals hair and adds shine. Acts as a thermal protectant. How To Use: Apply evenly to damp hair. Use a round brush or large paddle brush to pull your hair tight while blow-drying for a straight finish or dry as desired for frizz free curls and waves.

Super Star*Pumps up volume to unbelievable heights. Builds body and holds style. Conditions, repairs and helps protect from heat styling damage. How To Use: Pour a generous amount into palm of hand and work through damp or dry hair and blow-dry.

Rockin Gel Pomade*Designed to create sleek and shiny ponytails, sculpted coiffs, as well as any styles that require great shine and hold, WITHOUT the stickiness! How To Use: Apply this aqueous pomade to damp or dry hair to get sheen separation, and hold - without the sticky business!

Wow, that was a lot, but I am so excited to give everything a try! I think I'm going to be referring back to this post a lot in the next few weeks to figure out what to and how to try stuff next! 

So anything on your list of things you want me to try out next? Comment below!

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