Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hair Challenge Link Up #7

Hello again. Another week gone by another week of hair styles. But first things first. Casey asked me to join in with her, Carrie and Whitney to be a part of their Create28 and come up with a "Simply Me" look. I'd love if you go check it out and give them some commenting love.

Now onto some hair styles.

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and I did simple braid to go to church at 5am, had to be quick if you're going to church that early.

What do you think my ashes look like? I'm thinking humming bird, anyone else see it?

Friday at Legoland I did a simple on sided braid like this:

Not taken at Legoland. I tried to take one, but the picture came out pretty bad, there was a painting for a squid behind me and I cover most if it so it looked pretty bad, oops!

Saturday was pretty hot out, so I wore shorts and a blouse and did my hair super simple, just to get it off my face.

This one is easy, take two front sections of hair, tie in back, flip inside out a couple of times and it twists really pretty like this.

Sunday for church I decided to do Bubble Hawk I found on Cute Girls Hairstyles, I think it isn't something I would have tried in the past, but it was fun to wear all day.

Yesterday I wanted to try a different kind of water fall braid, so I did this one from Missy Sue. Not exactly how she had hers, but it was pretty close, and for the record this took me at least 5 tries to get it like this...I would have done it again, but I was just tired of that's the best it was going to get.

When Mr. got home he said, I really like this one. Definitely doing this one again!

Did you try anything new this week?

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