Monday, February 1, 2016

My Life In Numbers

Another month and I remembered that I wanted to link up with one of my blogging besties Deena! Having my planner for just the blog is working, yay! I'm not forgetting what is coming up for the week, I highly recommend it. Anyway, here's my month in Numbers:

1600 miles - Driven to and from work

320 miles - Driven to and from Santa Barbara in one day to visit these two ladies.

8 - The number of Physical Therapy sessions I went to

16 - The number of allergy shots I got this month. This number should be going down next month! Yay for almost getting to maintenance mode.

10 - The number of days this little lady was, you forget how tiny they are when they are born! ALMOST makes me want another one...shhh, don't tell Mr.

4 - The number of weeks I've been doing the hair challenge, and have to say I'm getting better!

Week 1:
Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

2 - The number of blog posts written for The Blended Blog.

New Year, New Home - One of goals this year is to spruce up my house!
January Wrap Up - All of the contributors weigh in on the posts they loved from their blogs this month.

1 - The number of times we went to Disneyland

1.5 - The number of hours (yes I said hours) spent at Disneyland, haha. Good thing we have a pass, we were trying to go one one more ride and Baby Fox had a melt down in the middle of the line and wanted to go home and sleep. So that's what we did, went home. Next time.

70 - the number of degress this pool was...I'm kidding, I have no idea how cold it was but it was SUPER cold! Yes that is Baby and Mini Fox back there on those slides.

I do have to say if you ever visit Disneyland you have to visit the Courtyard Marriott on Harbor...seriously so cool! They have this cool water park, plus they have 2 super big slides that you could go on, but the kids were too small. Well Mini Fox was, and Baby Fox was too scared. But highly reccomend, the hotel rooms were nice and the pool area, your kids wouldn't even know they weren't going to Disneyland! OH and Disneyland is right across the street. It was actually a shorter walk from the hotel than it would have been to park in a parking lot/structure and have to take the tram. I'm thinking next time we go to Disneyland we might just park at the hotel and's only a few dollars more and I don't have to wait for a Tram at the end of the

18 - The number of selfies I took...that is so not true, 18 is really the number I showed you, I took a bunch more for my hair posts...but didn't think you'd want to see those.

97 - The number of years my grandma is...Loved seeing her, we don't see her often, but it was good that she knew who we were and we had a great visit.

1- The number of nights Baby Fox spent away from us, he did his first sleep over and did great, and told us that he wanted to go for 2 nights next time.

Yep in that mesh bag is his blankie...that got it's own bag
1 - The number of girls nights I got this week...hopefully I get another one next one..speaking of which I should get that on the calendar. Anyone want to join in?

I think that's all I got this month. What does your month look like in number? Mine was a lot of 1's so it seemed...Happy Monday!

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