Thursday, February 11, 2016

Picture Perfect: February

Back linking up with WhitneyCourtneyBeth and Elizabeth, Stephanie and Desiree for another month of The Picture Perfect Project.

Our Pretty Little Girls

Last month I told you that I wanted to try and take deliberate pictures for our yearly calendar. I figured this month, no brainer, I'm going to do a V-day inspired I buy them some PJ's...and of course the subjects are too wiggly. What I think I am going to learn in the next 10 months, and my new goal is to get good at taking quick in focus shots. I can't tell you how blurry so many of the pictures I tried to take were. Arg...I tried auto focus, then I tried manual. I think my new goal is to stop using auto and start using manual and getting proficient at it. I'll keep you posted. So here are the few goods ones that I got...there may or may not have been a LOT of bribing going on. 

So which one would you chose out of these to go into your yearly calendar...I like all of them actually in their own ways...comment down below and the most vote wins! I won't even try to get more photos, pinky swear.






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