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Legoland Hotel Review

Hello Foxy People! I promise this is the last thing I'm going to review for LEGOLAND.  I briefly mentioned the hotel in my first review. But I'm here to expand on how awesome it is!


At check-in they give the kids some LEGOLAND slap bracelets, remember those? You can see them on the boys. Those slap bracelets also gets you into LEGOLAND an hour earlier than everyone else.

Make sure you ask what the Lego them of the night is...see #5 for why.


You get to take the kids on a cool scavenger hunt in which you collect numbers and at the end of the scavenger hunt? You get the combination of the room safe and you get some Mixels to keep.


The rooms are awesome! Each floor has it's own theme, Pirates, Adventure, and Kingdom and they just added a few Lego Friends rooms. The rooms are really set up great, they are sort of shaped like the letter "E". The first leg has bunk beds for the kids and a private TV that has some Lego channels and shows that aren't available anywhere else. Best part, it can fit three kids! There is a trundle underneath the bunk beds. So families of 5, no need for a roll away!

The Middle leg of the "E" is the bathroom, which of course is themed and has some great Lego creations.

The bottom leg of the "E" is the main bedroom area for the adults which also has a TV.

Here is the hallway that connects all of the rooms: Sorry for the mess, we had 4 kids and 2 adults in here.


The rest of the hotel is amazing too. Even if you stay on the first floor you HAVE to take a ride on the elevator. At first it just seems like a normal elevator, but as soon as the door close, the disco ball turns on and disco music plays so the kids can dance their hearts out.

All of the decorations around the hotel are of course made out of Legos.

With every room comes a free breakfast. It's buffet style and it's amazing and really good. They have everything you could possibly want in a breakfast. They have an omelet station, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon galore, oatmeal, cereal, Danishes, yogurt, you name it they have it.

Plus they have entertainment walking around for the kids:

A knight, who was super nice and really engaged with the kids, staying in character the whole time.

They also had a Jester aka balloon artist. Who was amazing.


We can't forget the nightly entertainment for the kids! After a full day at the park head over to the bar/ship area for some fun and relaxation. Make sure you get there quick to ensure that you get a seat, so you're not having to stand around the whole time. We got there maybe 30 minutes before the entertainment started and were fine finding a seat.

See not that many seats
Now that you are seated, and you know what the theme of the night is, have your kids start building! Of course you can help too.

Soon the entertainment starts, you can sneak off to the restaurant, order some food and bring it back to eat...might as well be comfortable while you are watching.

They entertain the kids for a good 2.5-3 hours! No joke they do a magic show, the Lego contest, teach them how to fight like a pirate, it's fantastic.

Baby Fox got picked to help with the magic show. I find that if you're kid is in the front and center, and sort of sitting on their knees waving their hand they get picked. At least that's what I told Baby Fox to do, and he got picked!

So what are you waiting for?! Go make some reservations and get yourself to LEGOLAND!!

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These were not sponsored posts, I just really like LEGOLAND and wanted to share the information. Although LEGOLAND if you want to sponsor a post, I would be more than happy to :)

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