Thursday, March 10, 2016

Picture Perfect: March

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Our Pretty Little Girls

As you know I am trying to take intentional pictures for the yearly calendar I make for the grandparents. Click here for the previous two months. This month it's hard since St. Patrick's Day and Easter fall in the same month, so I might use the Easter picture for the April, because Easter is April 16th (my Dad's birthday), so that seems appropriate. We'll see. But for now, here's the picture I got for March. In full disclosure, Mr. took the pictures while I jumped around in the background like an idiot trying to get them to smile or do something/anything to smile. Team work right there.
And as soon as the pictures were done...they both asked to take a jump shot picture. It's blurry, but it's the cutest thing ever. Their smiles are just so big, they were having a blast jumping for me.
What pictures have you taken recently? Let's see them!

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