Thursday, March 3, 2016

Legoland Review: 5 Things to Skip

Happy Thursday Foxy People! Last week I gave you a list of 5 things that you needed to do at Legoland! This week, it's all about what can be skipped. Cause I figure, if I only knew...

So here the list goes:


My kids LOVE the aquarium, but if you don't get some sort of deal on it, don't bother. It is really small, and not really worth it. Currently as I write this (March 2, 2016) they are having a deal on going to multiple attractions, but if they don't have a deal I wouldn't bother. Or wait till they do have a deal. We got our deal through Costco (back in December 2015) and it was buy one day and get a 3 month pass. Good deal. Else I don't think we would have bought the multi attraction pass.



If you can skip the Helicopter ride. For whatever odd reason it's one of my kids favorite rides but it is the MOST BORING RIDE EVER! Seriously, as a parent, the kids get to control going up and down and going around in 180°, and that's it. It says in one place. The line is long and ride turn over is SLOW! Painfully slow. So if you do want to get on this ride, when you get into the park go there first.

LEGOLAND: What to Avoid


This is a big one...are you listening? Wait Reading? If you have two kids and you are going by yourself, don't. haha...just kidding, sort of. If you have two kids make sure that one of them is at least 48 inches tall. That is their minimum requirement for kids to ride alone. I have a 5 year old that is about 42 inches and a 3 year old that is about 38 inches...there is no way for me to be able to go on any rides with both them. Or I would have to have Mini Fox stand by herself while I take Baby Fox on the ride and then vice versa. There are exceptions to the rule, like the horses, or race carts, but those rides my 2 year old can't go on, so she's just watching big brother go on all the rides without her.
LEGOLAND Things to stay away from

Legoland Tip: things to avoid

Bottom line, if you are by yourself with two kids under 48" make sure they want to do a lot of show watching and lego building. There is probably one ride you can get on and that's the Lost Kingdom Adventure, you have to be 42" to ride alone. Here are the height requirements, I see that there are some rides that you might be able to do if your youngest is taller than 34", so just have a well planned out day, so you know what they can and can't do, so there isn't any disappointment.


This is just my personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt. If you do happen to get the pass that has the Aquarium attached, eat there! Skip all of the other main food places in Legoland. We've been to the BBQ place, and while the food was pretty good, it was crowded, a little expensive and chaotic inside.  The one in the Aquarium, had really good food, is pretty reasonably priced and wasn't crowded at all. I think the kids meal, was $7 and it came with a healthy amount of food, enough that I should have just let me kids share. But Mini Fox wanted mac and cheese and it was huge and was legit mac and cheese they made in front of you.

Eating at Legoland


Again this is just my opinion, and my daughter LOVES the carasoul, but really, it makes me a little sick. It goes so fast that it just makes you dizzy. But we continue to go on it, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME because Mini Fox loves it that much. Baby Fox, really dislikes it and will d o anything not to go on it. So if you get dizzy or motion sick easy, skip this ride.

So there you go, I could hardly come up with 5 things, that last one was a stretch I know, but 5 things sounds so much better than 4 things right? So really pay attention to the first 4.

For those that have been, what do you think of my list? And for those that are planning, does this list sound reasonable?

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