Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Style Perspectives Week 3: White Pants and Hair Challenge Week 11

Hi Foxy Fashionistas! Another week of the Style Perspectives, but guess what?! It's my week to show off my White Pants look, so head on over the The Blended Blog to check out my post! Spoiler: there are 4 outfits and I styled an all white one! Sneak Peak: Look I even did my hair, go check out a close up of what I did.

Last week, everyone did fantastic with their Shades of Pink:

Onto the Hair Challenge: Week 11!

Wednesday I curled my hair and just threw I up in my favorite easy poof...I don't even know what it's called

Thursday my Mom's friend has sent me this link of a video, she wanted me to do my hair like that, it was just a simple pull through braid. I think it turned out pretty good. Next time I'll try to get the spacing a little more even.

Here it is again without the scarf, I found in the picture it was sort of in the way. But even through the tail end of it, it's all rubber bands and pull through stuff, no actually braiding happened in the making of this do. So those of you who can't braid, do this!

Saturday I tried a pull through waterfall braid.  I don't think it turned out that great, I think next time I'll have to do more "braids" so that it looks better, and pull on them a little more to make them bigger.

Sunday, before church I tried three different styles and NOTHING was working, so I gave up and tried a messy bun, which of course looks, terrible! But I went with it...

Looks good from here right? There was a little braid at the base that you can't see...

But side view, YIKES! Apparently I needed to look at the side when I looked in the mirror, oops! I later redid it and it looked much better.

Monday I tried a side braid. I realized that I like side braids on my left side, not my right side. I've always had them lay on my right side and for whatever reason when I did this it ended up being on my left and I didn't have any problems all day. So if you're having issues with your side braid try switching sides, it might just work for you too!

Despite how it looks, this really is a braid all the way down, not a twist like it looks.

Tuesday I worked from home and did this really quickly before going to my ankle doctor appointment.

I really like this, it gets it off my face and looks really pretty from the back. I thought I needed my hair to be curls for this to look good, but I think it looks good just like this.

Now go check out how everyone else styled their white pants!

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Come join us next week for our patterned blouse and neutrals!

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