Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites #74

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I'm off today and prepping for Baby Fox's Half Birthday! It's a pool party and it's suppose to be 90°! After having several weeks of 70's, I'm not sure if I'm happy it's going to be hot, or dreading least I know everyone will have fun, at least I hope so!

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 This weekend we're hosting Baby Fox's half birthday, So excited to set everything up. Baby Fox is so excited to help me decorate. This is the invitation I made, I think it came out pretty good.


 This week, Mr. came home with this...what's better than Chocolate Malted Crunch? He said when he got there, there was a wall of Rocky Road and no Chocolate Malted Crunch in site, but he kept looking and found this one in the back behind all of that Rocky Road, phew!

Baby Fox was complaining about his books, so the moment has arrived, I thought he was ready to start reading Harry Potter. We've been reading about one chapter a night and he's loving it...He started on top of the covers....

And eventually worked his way under the covers and hunkered down for a good read...

In other news, we're getting rid of that pacifier in her! We're giving them to a baby we know...she's passing them on, I hope it works! Party on Saturday with a kid with no binky's...we might be in trouble! But no weekend is a good weekend right? Fingers crossed for us please. We've been prepping her for this for months...

 Some random pictures from the week...

I got one workout in, because....

Mini Fox started ISR (Infant Self Rescue) swim lessons. We need to get her water safe this summer. Coach C says that she's doing great, and that she's doing stuff with her that he normally does weeks later...and it's her third day. I hope it works! I snuck this picture, we aren't supposed to take pictures...not sure why but what can you say I'm a rule breaker....

Dinner with my parents, it had been a couple of weeks since we had dinner. We needed to order all of the food for Baby Fox's party, so we figured, order food, get They still had their Cinco Dey Mayo stuff out.

Oh and after that work out I did up there...we went to In and Out, yep I was still in my workout clothes...haha.

Hope you have a great weekend! See you on Monday with my $10 Target Haul!

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