Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Style Perspectives: A Summer Dress and Hair Challenge 22

Here we are with our last prompt from Style Perspectives, today is Andrea's turn and she picked A Summer Dress.  I love me a good dress, I think if I could I would wear one everyday during the summer I would. Unfortunately kids sort of prevent me from doing that. Go check out what Andrea has in store for you and see who got the most clicks last week! Here is recap from last week:

I decided to style one of my favorite colors, pink! This is a spaghetti strap dress but since I detest wearing a strapless bra, I usually go the sweater route so I don't have to wear one...does anyone else do that?

I love the little eyelet detail on the dress. I got this from Old Navy on clearance a while back, such a good score!

I had been trying to do this braid for a while. I tried once in Vegas, but failed since I couldn't hear the directions...but my second try I could hear the directions and it took me about 30 minutes to do it, it was worth it, super cute and in case you wanted to know I used about 15 rubber bands. I wish I was kidding.

In the end I think it was totally worth it and turned out great! Definitely going to be something I do again, when I have ample amounts of time to do it...since it is a time consuming thing. I need to find some hair ties that doesn't take out half of my hair with it when taking them out...ouch those things hurt!

Now onto the Hair Challenge. I've been noticing a pattern, I don't do much during the week, and do everything on the weekend. I need to change that, but then that would require me to get up slightly earlier than I already do I would usually prefer the extra 10-15 minutes of sleep. Sorry about that.

Saturday I saw this tutorial and wanted to try it out, I think it's a fun do for summer. Although I can't tell you how many bobby pins I'm least 15...probably more like 20...

Sunday for church I wanted to try something a little out of the norm and fun. I didn't like it at first, but I spent so much time doing it I just went with it, but it grew on me and in the end I really liked it. It was something different. I think sometimes having such dark hair with no highlights makes it hard to see the smaller braided details...

There is suppose to be a braid and a fishtail in there, but the fishtail when I puffed it out turned out wierd when I went to tie it back so I had to bobby pin it some to get it from sticking out which I think changed the look...but hey I still think it's cute.

This one...not so sure about. I wanted to do this type of crown braid, when the thick part was on the top of your head instead of the skinny part...I think it's too close to myforhead. And I took a group picture that made me look like I had an alien this one is least with the braid right on my forehead like this...looking back at the video she had pulled bangs out in the front to frame her face...I need to get me some layers.

But the back looks pretty good.

Now that the Style Perspectives is over, what's next for us? Good thing you asked because the ladies have taken over Carrie and Whitney's Create 28! Each one of us is taking a prompt and making it our own, we'll be posting a recap of all of the looks on Wednesday's over on The Blended Blog and we'll still all be hosting the link up.

 Hopefully you'll find some inspiration and link up one of your Create 28 outfits! Here is the first weeks prompt:

For the other prompts click here. Hope to see you there all dressed up and ready to go.

Now go check out how all of the other ladies and how styled their summer dresses.

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