Monday, June 20, 2016

$10 Target Haul: June Edition

Back linking up with Becky, Beth, Courtney. Elizabeth, Rachel, Stephanie, Tif  and Whitney to show what we got for just $10 at Target.

I was all set to get up early, go to Target by I'm sneaking out of my bedroom, I hear a familiar *Thump*, sigh...Baby Fox is awake and has heard me sneaking out. He cracks his door and I see a big smile..."want to come with me?"   YES!

Here's our $10 stash.

So we were at Target, and of course stopped by the $1 section first. Baby Fox found these Legos, so we bought one for him and one for his sister, we didn't currently have any girl Legos, she's obsessed with them.

Then I found some magnets, you can never have enough cute magnets for the fridge, and then I FINALLY found those pens everyone has been talking about. I do admit they are really nice to write with and for $3, can't be beat. Baby Fox had his half birthday party this past weekend and I know those beach balls would come in handy. Although blowing them that was hard! Usually those things aren't that hard, but you had to hold it a certain way, upside down and standing on one foot to get it to work, seriously, not even exaggerating one bit...

And now for the price...I did have a giftcard for $10, so I could have technically bought something for $20, but I decided to use the gift card another time, so the total was...$8.51. As I was paying, I thought, dang, I over estimated the tax...I could have bought one more $1...darn. Oh well, better luck next time!

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