Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites #75

Happy Friday Foxy Friends!

In case you missed it this week, this is what I've been up to on the Bloggy Blog.

Monday: $10 Target Haul: June Edition
Tuesday: Fast Forward 10 Years, Where Am I?
Wednesday: Create 28 and Hair Challenge Week 25
Thursday: Avengers Half Birthday Party

Mini Fox is rocking her swim lessons, we are rounding the end of week 2 and she's already floating and swimming by herself, we're just working on her doing that without command. Currently she would just keep swimming and never roll over but as soon as the Coach touches her head to remind her she flips over, so the next couple of weeks we'll be working on that.

Here she is mid flip.

And floating on her own, toy in hand and all.

Baby Fox wanted to be a Storm Trooper for Halloween so my cousin bought it for his half birthday, so sweet and he's been wearing it non-stop. He also got those Legos he's holding from another cousin. He was excited to get so many Storm Troopers.

Baby Top Knot, you can't really see it here, but it looks better then mine ever would, haha!

Father's Day was awesome this year, I took almost no pictures. Oops, I did take a picture of the kids making my Dad his Father's Day craft. Baby Fox drew the tree trunk on his own and then wanted to paint his own hand for the leaves.

Then we let it sit over night and I added a lot of white pant to the green to make light green and Baby Fox then painted his sisters hand and put them on the tree.

This is how it turned out, I think it turned out great, next time I would get a bigger sized canvas, but this is what I had on hand, so I made it work. I just used felt tip marker for the writing. Baby Fox did the writing, can you tell? And Mini Fox made the sun in the corner, team effort.

Some picture of things other than my little humans...

The kids talked me into this for dinner after swim lessons the other day because Mr. was working late, it was delicious. Tip: Get the fries with no salt you get WAY more! We ordered three  and got enough to fill 5 trays probably. Mr. even got some when he got home.

They just opened a custard place by us...they had a buy one get one free coupon, and of course the whole world went because of the coupon so the cookie selection was minimal. I would have preferred a non chocolate cookie, but hey beggars can't be choosers and it was still delicious.

For the party on Saturday we realized we don't have a proper ice bucket and we keep borrowing my parents, so Mr. got on Amazon and bought me a Kate Spade one! He said that this was only $20 more than the normal one, so why not? Matches my polka dot Kate Spade china...woo hoo!

Some of my favorite videos of the week, how cool is this. What it must be like to see color for the first time, amazing.

This is way above my hair skill level...but so darn awesome!

Happy Friday! We're off to a wedding and a birthday party this weekend...Oh and I'm getting my hair cut, after months of trying to find someone...I finally just decided to go to my old guy that is about 30 minutes away, anyone else do that? I figure might as well, since we're going to a wedding later that night, freshly cut/styled hair? Yes please!

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