Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanksgiving Wreath

Hello Foxy Friends! I hope you are all recovering from your candy overload from last night :) I thought since Halloween is over, let's jump right into Thanksgiving. I was at Hobby Lobby over the weekend with my family and on a whim decided to see if I could find some decorations to make a Thanksgiving wreath. Of course I found  bunch of things, picked up some random things, without really knowing what I was going to do with it...but I think in the end it turned out pretty nice.

What You'll Need:

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Wreath (I've been using the same wreath over and over again, but click here for my full tutorial)
Sign to put in middle (I almost always start here, find the sign, buy the "fluff" to match - This or this would work too)
3 sprigs of beaded leaves, wide spread (if I could do over I would have gotten 4 of these)
2 sprigs of beaded leaves, smaller (if I could do over I would have gotten 3 of these)
5 small pumpkins
Burlap Ribbon (color is your choice, I chose a plaid, this would work)


Start with a plain wreath, mine started out with my Fall Wreath, and stripped it down so I ended up with this:

Step 1:

I added the burlap plaid ribbon to it, click here to see the video I made, I threaded it slightly sparse so I could use a lot of it to make a bow.

Step 2:

Add the wide spread berries, I wish I had another one of these, but when buying materials I was just sort of grabbing things, because I was mostly trying to rush before the kids and the Mr. got too antsy, you know how it is. As you know I like to be able to take it apart and reuse the wreath, so I didn't glue or hold anything down with wire, I stuck the stem through the burlap and there was enough friction to hold it in place.


Step 3:

Next I decided to add the pumpkins. I got lucky with the pumpkins and they were already on stems that had some edges that you could use for friction...so that helped me. I stuck the stems through the burlap and bended it how I wanted it. The stems had wire in them, surprisingly, so I could bend how I wanted it to look. Don't worry about placement too much, you just need a starting point. I ended up moving a couple of them once I had everything else in place.

Step 4:

Make the burlap bow, click here to see how to make a burlap bow.

This is what it ended up looking like after I was done fluffing

Step 5:

Add the bow to the wreath where you think you want it. I like putting it off to the side. I threaded a piece of floral wire through the backside of the bow, and attached it with the wire, so I could easily take it off when I'm done with this season.

Step 6:

Last step is to add the sign that you find. This one was sort of big and I was worried it wouldn't fit in the wreath, but I think it looks cute. I just thought this little turkey was too cute to pass up. After placing the sign I ended up moving the pumpkins around and fluffy thing plaid so that you could see it a little better. In the end I am in love with the final product, the whole thing took about 30 minutes to make, that includes having to stop to take pictures of everything.  Considering it was a last minute Wreath DIY, I think it turned out pretty good. I wanted to get rid of the Halloween Wreath, but the family vetoed and said I couldn't until today...hehe.
And the wreath on my door, I'm in love!

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