Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sentence A Day: June Edition

1- My stomach hurts so bad, just leave me on the couch to die (okay I exaggerate, but still...)

2- Nothing better than Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul and New Kids On The Block to help relive your younger years.

3- So much packed into one day, gym, 2 hour bounce house sessions and a birthday party a hour away.

4- LEGOLAND, need I say more?

5- Mini Fox is so excited to be facing forward, Mama, take a selfie because you can see me now!

6- Baby Fox got the Principal of Respect award and school and last minute date with the Mr. woo hoo!

7- Back to R.I.P.P.E.D...yay!

8- First swim lessons of the season

9- Learning how to ride a bike, Mr. is probably the most patient person EVER.

10- Full day, gym, birthday party, friends spending the night, heart is full.

11- Lazy day, went to 6 stores, 3 with kids, 3 by myself, but all the party supplies are bought for Baby Fox's party, just need the food now.

12- A little Fitness Marshall before heading out to pick up the boy.

13- First swim lesson with new teacher and she said the kids were awesome and ahead of their age range.

14- Cool in shades, she's so happy she can now be in pictures.

15- Longest ride home ever, think almost 3 hours, but at least we got ice cream for dinner, that helped.

16- Baby Fox is officially a 1st grader, where did the time go?!

17- Good time with friends, love these summer nights.

18- Happy Father's Day to the two best Dad's I know.

19- She really earned her money today...glad it was her and not me, shhh, don't tell her that.

20- Mini Fox is sick, poor thing, hope she is better by Friday.

21- Yay, working out, I feel like I have a new groove.

22- Doc visit for the allergies, at least I got to work from home.

23- Taking the day off to prep for Baby Fox's party.

24- Mini Fox's first ballet recital could not have been any more cuter.

25- Celebrating Baby Fox's half birthday with a Minion Party, so fun.

26- Why did I think Legoland was a good idea after throwing a party with 40 people?

27- Please don't have whatever Mini Fox had last week...

28- Dinner with my bestie and her family on a Wednesday, because she lives near me now!!

29- Ugh, those fires yesterday got my allergies going and now I'm sick, boo.

30- Holy crap, and airplane crashed on the 405 (one of the busiest freeway in California), on a Friday, on a holiday weekend...shut down the southbound lane for 12 hours! Okay I'm adding a second sentence here, it's a miracle that both people on the plane survived and they didn't crash into any cars on the freeway.

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