Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th Of July Outfit

Happy Wednesday! I'm taking the day off and doing a day date with Mr. but I thought I would share my 4th of July outfit with you. I thought this year I'm going plain and simple.

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Shorts (similar here - on sale for $28.80! and here) | USA T-Shirt | Shoes

I decided to go with a simple necklace and a bold lip, cause what's 4th of July without matching red lips to go with?

Funny how when I did my make up for this look, I thought it was so heavy and bold, but now looking at the pictures you can hardly see it...goes to show if you are taking pictures you need to put on WAY more then you think you need if you want it to show up in pictures.

A fun picture for you.

Also linking up with Anne from Anne In Residence and her monthly currently where she gives you the topics to talk about. This month her guest host Stephanie, okay let's get to the topics:

Documenting: Everything I can about the kids, I know I'm going to forget it all and I'm trying to get as much down as I can and take as many pictures as I can...cause moments like these, go by fast and I can barely remember it all.

Accomplishing: My first party of two birthdays this summer. Throwing Baby Fox a half birthday is awesome, but then it makes me throwing two summer birthdays, so now that one is done I'm onto the next. Mini Fox says she wants a Frozen least there's lots out there to buy for that one. Phew.

Enjoying: Summer. I'm loving the long days and the swimming and get together with friends and the staying up late with the kids. It's all so fun and I already know it's going by way too quickly!

Reading: Well besides other people's blogs, not much. I need to get on that. Too much too do, too little time. Like today, I decided instead of doing something productive I wanted to take a nap. Could I have fought through the drowsiness and did something with my afternoon, yes, but did I? No...and it felt darn good.

Spending: Nothing! Woo hoo! I am on my no shopping ban and I haven't spent anything. Actually that's not true, today my Fabletics monthly subscription (referral link) came up and I decided to use it this month because I am in desperate need of some new shorts. I have been wearing the same shorts for at least 10 years...I know. I just can't seem to find any that I really like. I like a wide waist band and the built in underwear...anyone have any leads? I'm hoping these ones will work out, we'll see.

I know tight shorts, but I say, hey if people can wear tight pants to the gym, why not tight shorts? I hope they hold it all in, and I hope I can return them if I don't like...yikes!

So tell me...if you celebrated 4th of July, what time did you get home?

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