Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sentence A Day: January Edition

1 - Might be the laziest day ever, great way to bring in the new year and don't make me go to work tomorrow, waaaahh!!!

2 - 4am was a slap in the face this morning, can I even call it that?

3 - Man LONGEST week EVER, at least it's Wednesday.

4 - Is it Friday yet, man can this day go any slower?

5 - Our Friday night dinner with friends, something to look forward to :)

6 - Well that was dumb, now I have two big bruises on my hands and I can't use them, not good.

Picture taken 6 days after it happened...imagine this on both hands...

7 - No yoga for me, only 6 days in to the new year and already I can't do my new years goal...grr....

8 - Mini Fox is so excited to be back at gymnastics.

9 - Working from home is the best, why can't everyday be like this?

10 - Back to my workout class, woo hoo, although couldn't do much with my hands, some workout is better than none right?

11 - MNO, just what the soul needed.

12 - I'm determined the clean the pantry today, today is they day.

13 - Legoland, so good to be back!

14 - Back to the Container Store I go, this time I'm bringing a friend.

15 -Used the Sous Vide for the first time, made London Broil and it was AWESOME, what's next?

16 - So apparently my hands are NOT better and I still can't do push-ups, darn it!

17 - Back at my class and I love it, even though I'm still banged up and bruised, dang it.

18 - Mini Fox is so creative, I can't believe she made Rapunzel hair from the packing paper.

19 -  Love our Friday night dinners with friends.

20 -  Made Monkey Bread with the kids and went on a date with Mr. pretty successful day if you ask me.

21 - Made Eggs Benedict for the first time, and I poached the eggs using our new Sous Vide...yummy!

The sauce was cold, so it was starting to separate because the cook always eats last...hehe.

22 - Gymnastics and Trampoline class today, the kids favorite day!

23 - Allergy Shots and shopping without kids, what?!

24 - Sorry guys, still have the Christmas decorations's the slowest process taking it down, one day it won't be up any more.

25 - Girls weekend, Seattle here I come!

26 - Cold, but after a short jog up a hill to the most gorgeous sight, fixed all.

27 - Suppose to rain all day, which means all day shopping!

28 - So sad to be leaving the girls, but happy to see my family again, relaxed and ready to tackle the world again.

29 - What a long day...

30 - These Christmas decorations are coming down darn it!

31 - Back to my workout class, so hard but felt so good!

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