Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Look

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Today I'm over at The Blended Blog sharing my Valentine's Day outfit...actually it was my Christmas outfit, but I never posted, so it turned into my Valentine's day outfit, if we were to go out on Valentine's day. 

If you are coming here from The Blended Blog, welcome! While the dress I am wearing isn't available any more, these are are are quite similar. I just love lace and how romantic it is.

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I put together a full look for you, and added the jacket for those that live in colder places than where I am. I love this whole look! And if you think you can't rock the red lipstick, you can! Just own it, and everyone will think you do it all the time, trust me.

Funny, I didn't even realize Mini Fox had tried to jump into this picture until I was going through them.

The lip color is Lipsense - Blue Red / Eye Shadow Palette / Eye Liner / Eye Lashes / Blush

I'm also linking up with Anne for her Currently post, this time we're talking finishingsubscribingwishlisting, watching, and hearting.

Finishing - Okay this is really bad, but I'm still trying to finish taking down Christmas decorations! I know so bad! I just don't have any motivation to put all those small little ornaments back into their little boxes. And it's upstairs out of the way, where no one ever sees it...this weekend, I'm going to finish it...I will finish this. We CAN'T get into March and still have a Christmas tree up. haha! Don't judge.

Subscribing - I just started getting Boxy Charm, you guys if you haven't done it, you HAVE to. Here is one of my unboxings to get a sense of what comes in it.

Also FabFitFun, those are a seasonal subscription box and are super fun too! Here is an unboxing video of that.

Wishlisting - All the things, okay not really. But I really want these lipsticks, this jacket, and this dress, even though I have no reason to wear it...perhaps next New Years?.

Watching - This Is Us, isn't everyone?


Also Black Mirror on Netflix, we just finished season 4. So good.

Hearting -   Seeing my kids and my cousins kids grow up together and get along so well together. I love that we all live close enough to each other that we can do that!

And guess what? I'm going to be the guest host next month!  

The topics are going to be: planning, seeing, making, pretending, wearing

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