Monday, May 21, 2018

3 Southern California Weekend Getaways

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I am linking up with The Blended Blog and in honor of Victoria Day, we're talking about long weekend celebrations. I decided to talk about 3 Southern California getaways.

First we'll talk about Mr. and my favorite getaway. It's where we always try to go when we get pawn  someone to watch the kids.

We like to stay at bed and breakfasts, that way you get breakfast with your hotel stay and all the ones we've stayed at it's delicious! I wrote a post all about our last trip to Santa Barbara last month. Our favorite of all time in Santa Barbara is Simpson House Inn, but can't stay there every time because $$$$. 

 A good second choice is Upham Hotel (this is where we stayed during part of our Honeymoon). We stayed in one of the bigger rooms with it's own courtyard.

Another reason we love Santa Barbara is State Street. So much shopping to do, and if you are ever there you HAVE to go to the Coach store, it looks like a regular store, but it's actually an outlet and we ALWAYS score really good deals. They have some really good food too. We went to a place called Goa Tacos, holy cow people these are a must eat!

Plus walking on the pier is always fun, and there are some good restaurants at the end too.

The atmosphere is super laid back, you can go to the beach, or go shopping, eat lots of good food, and on Tuesdays they have cheap movies and a Farmers market. Plus if you really want to, you can do some wine tasting in Santa Barbara too. Which is always fun. We went to a local place called Jaffurs, really good wine.

Next up is Palm Springs. A quick drive from LA and so much relaxing to do. I stayed at the Marriott, and quick frankly you never even really have to leave the hotel, they have everything right there. We did a much needed spa day and wow, the service was amazing, they had a spot you could eat lunch, and the whole thing was super relaxing. Plus you could connect your Netflix to their TV and watch whatever you wanted in your room.

Plus they have flamingos on site...pretty darn awesome.

Last but not least, Big Bear, also a short drive from LA, shorter than Palm Springs and so much to do. Skiing in the winter (provided there is snow that year), and hiking in the Spring and Summer. Super family friendly if you want to take your kids with you. They have easy trails to hike or harder trails. We did an easier trail and the kids did great!

They also have some fun places to eat in the downtown area and cute shops to shop at. Plus if you go during the winter, they have a fun tubing place to go to, the kids had a blast doing night tubing.

They also have a small zoo there, that has only rescue animals. The kids loved it and it was fairly cheap to get in too. They are expanding it this summer, so next time we go it should be double the space they have now!

We find that staying at a house is the best and that making your own food while chatting with friends is so much fun and makes the best memories.

So there are 3 of my California long getaway weekend spots. There is also San Diego, but we don't go there too often, because traffic can get really bad, as there is really only one way to get there, and what should be a 1.5 hour drive can turn into 3-4 hours easily! We took these pictures at the La Jolla Pier, which is just north of San Diego.

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