Monday, May 7, 2018

TBB Asks: May Entertainment

Hi Foxy Friends! How is it May already? I'm sure everyone is wondering the same thing. But it's the first Monday of the month, which means it's TBB Asks Monday where The Blended Blog asks questions and we answer! It's an easy Monday morning post. So let's get started.

1.  Comedy or Drama? 
Depends on my mood, but lets say Comedy. Lately Mr. and I have been into action movies, so is that drama? Personally if Mr. isn't with me, I like a good Rom-Com.

2.  Fiction or Non-Fiction?

3.  Movie in Theater or At Home?
Mostly at home, back when we bought our house, the only thing Mr. wanted was a big here to see how big it is, and now that we've had it for 9 years, he's wanting to go bigger, not sure if my retina's can handle that! All this to say, I like watching movies at home, so I can pause and go get snack/drink/pee whenever I want and not miss anything.

4.  Musical or Play?
Hmmm, this is a tough one, but I'm going to go with musical. Gotta love me a good musical.

5.  Which Meal of the Day is your favorite to eat out?
Dinner for sure!

6.  Favorite Book ever read?
hmmm....I don't read nearly enough or have a passion for reading to say I have a favorite, but one book I have read over and over, which is a total Rom-Com type of book...

7.  Game Night: Yes or No? 
Yes! So much fun, although I am terrible at them, but it's fun to laugh with friends.

8.  Favorite Outside Game to play?
Does red rover count and being clothes-lined when they were too strong for you to break through? Else, freeze tag when I was kid. Or handball, and jump rope...but if I had to pick something right now as an adult? Hmmm...what would it be? Hide and Seek.

9.  Favorite TV Series Ever?
Easy, Gilmore Girls, I've probably watch the entire series, 3-4 times over.

10.  Sitcoms growing up or sitcoms of today?
Sitcomes growing up, Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Alf, and the list continues...we only watch 3, no wait, 4 sitcoms right now. So definitely back in the day.

11.  Minature Golf or Bowling?
 Bowling...yep I have my own ball and bowling shoes.

12.  Favorite Movie Theater Candy?
Red Vines, and not Twizzlers, yuck.

13.  How do you like your popcorn?
If I could eat popcorn everyday I would...but I can't. I like white popcorn kernels, cooked on the stove with salt, no butter.

14.  3D movies with glasses? Yes or No?
No? I'm not sure? 3D movies weren't huge until, what? 10ish years ago, when I was with Mr. and he can't see 3D so we've never gone to one. Plus I get motion sickness really easily, so I've sort of avoided them in general. Although when we go to Legoland, they have a 4D short film, and I can handle that, but not sure if I could do a 2 hour movie of it...15 minutes sure, but not 2 hours. So I'm going to go with no. Well that was a bunch of details you didn't want to know.

15.  Favorite Genre of books to read?
Romantic-Comdy...are you getting a theme here? I love all of Emily Giffin books.

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