Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites #164

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Man this week was a long one. Today I am helping my mom with her church Mother's Day tea

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: 10 Favorite TV And Movies
Tuesday: Kids Interview Mom
Wednesdsay: Favorite Summer Dresses
Thursday: Day In The Life

I also put together 2 videos this week, one on Mother's Day where I talk about Baby Fox's birth story.

I also posted another one on Tuesday where I let the kids interview me. Usually I am interviewing and asking them questions, but I gave them free reign to ask me anything.

Last night I went to Mom's night out and it was so needed. After Mr. being away for 8 days, this mama needed some time with girlfriends. It was so nice to catch up and eat dinner at a slow pace.

Sorry about that large bruise on my arm, allergy shots, hazard of allergy shots I guess. But know that in the 4 years I've been doing them, this has only happened a few times.

I already recapped Saturday here, but Friday we had one more dinner sans Mr. and it was nice to see friends to end the week without Mr. I can't remember what we were watching...Caroline?

Sunday was church, and Mr. and I got lots of sleep, he was smart and didn't take any naps when he got home, so he got back on our time zone pretty quickly. I just love this new church, some friends go there and convinced us to try it out. Love that the kids run around after church making friends.

Then I remembered to actually get pictures!

I told Mr. what I wanted for Mother's Day was to go to the grocery store by myself...I might have stopped her before hitting up the grocery store.

I also went to Kohl's to return an Amazon package, and to get that 25% off coupon...I got some 4th of July decorations and a bunch of summer clothes for the kids. Then I went to the grocery store to get the food for the week and went home to cook all of my chicken.

Life hack right here. Cook a bunch of chicken at once. Cut into cubes, separate into portions, and freeze. Then the night before take out of freezer, put in lunch and by lunch it's deforsted and ready to go. This was two baking sheets worth and probably 3-4 weeks worth of lunches, worth it! Sunday night we went to my parents house which I totally forgot to take a picture, darn! But we did eat these...

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I wanted to make some Lumpia this weekend. I told Mr. and he was totally on board, but said that cooking in a regular pan wouldn't do, so he bought me a fryer. Wish me luck and pray we don't burn the house down.

I also got this dress in the mail and it is so super cute. But I think it's made for someone much taller, it sweeps the ground a bit, but it's super cute so I'm keeping it. Also what bra does one wear with it? This one maybe? Any suggestions?

I also want these sandals, but haven't pushed the buy button yet. I hear they are super comfortable and they are cute, I think I'll wear them a lot this summer. The only hesitation i have, is my scar from my ankle surgery, doesn't always like ankle straps...hmmm...??? I might have to get them and see for myself...

I also really want these wedges, but I don't wear wedges enough to justify them...but doesn't make me want them any less.

This was just so sweet, a father/son duo who wrote the song that they auditioned with on Britain's Got Talent and then got the Golden Buzzer from Simon.

A new show this Fall, so excited to see this. Looks so good. Hopefully I can talk Mr. into watching it with me.

I just saw this preview. I'm a sucker for previews. Anyone else watch the previews on YouTube? They keep suggesting things to watch, I keep clicking on them.

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