Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kids Interview Mom

Hi Foxy Friends! Today is going to be a first on the blog. Usually I interview the kids, but today, they are interviewing me! A few other mom's on YouTube were going to do this together and I couldn't wait to jump on board. I went into the interview not knowing what they were going to ask me. It was actually quite fun, and totally random!

Baby Fox

What is your favorite color? Blue-green or teal

What's your favorite yarn color? (I have no idea why he asked this, I don't even know how to use yarn...i.e. crochet or knitting) Purple

What your favorite insect? Grasshopper

What's your favorite arachnid? Tarantula

Bonus Question: 

What is your favorite food that we've made from Mini Fox's Princess cook book? Monkey bread - video of the kids doing that, coming soon!

Mini Fox

What kind of dog is your favorite doggy? Yellow golden retriever

What is your favorite necklace? The one with the two pearlized balls

What's your favorite blanket? A gray soft one that we got from Costco

What's your favorite kind of bird? Blue Jay's or Humming bird

What is your favorite kind of flower? Pink Tulip

Bonus Question:

So, the bonus question is going to be....are you good at math (haha, not sure why he asked this, as he knows the answer, lol)? I am good at math because I am engineer, you have to be pretty good at math to be an engineer.

Of course I filmed it. So glad that I did, as I want to remember their sweet voices as they were asking me these questions. Here's the video if you want to hear how they ask the questions.

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