Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Day In The Life

I am linking back up with Lizzie , Sierra , Danielle , Emily, and Lindsay for Girl Chat. This month we're sharing A Day In The Life. I love documenting these days, because sometimes I just take pictures of the good stuff and not the "mundane" stuff. I know I'm going to love looking back on these when the kids are older and this age is just a distant memory. I decided to document last Saturday. It was a bit of a crazy day and I forgot to document the beginning of it, oops! Already a fail, but I continued on...

I let Baby Fox sleep with me on Friday night, so going into Saturday morning we woke up together. He woke up a little earlier then I wanted, so I sent him downstairs to watch some tv. 

I eventually realized I had to feed the minions breakfast so I could get everyone to their sporting events on time. We just got these frozen waffles, I haven't ever bought frozen waffles and these just looked cute, so I figured let's give them a try for weekends like this. The kids want waffles but I don't have time to make them. They were a hit, Baby Fox ate 8 (they are about 1.5 inch circles). Mini Fox could care less, okay enough about waffles.


Got the both kids ready in their uniform and cleats on (man getting long socks and cleats on...a workout in itself. I dropped Mini Fox off at my parents so they could take her to soccer.

While I drove Baby Fox to Laguna Beach for his game.

That's him pitching

Baby Fox is in Single A Little League, which means they start pitching to each other half way through the season. Baby Fox was itching to pitch and I am so happy he finally got to pitch, the last inning of the season. He did great! I videoed it for Mr. who was on a plane flying home.

Meanwhile back at my parents, Mini Fox was practicing for my parent's church Mother's Day tea...she's so cute.

After Baby Fox's game, I picked up Mini Fox from my parents and we headed over to Baby Fox's team party.

Last game of the season, seems like just yesterday that we started, the season was definitely too short!

After the team party we headed to Costco to get some food and of course Costco got me and we bought  a bunch of stuff that we really didn't need. Like these things...they are floaties for the pool, I hope they work in the pool.

Also saw a lady doing hand dipped strawberries, had to get some of those too, right?

We got home and the kids were wiped, so we watched Finding Dory while we waited for Mr. to get home.

Mr. finally got home, the kids couldn't get to the front door fast enough. So nice to have Mr. back in the country.

Immediately they started asking where their gift was. Mr. had previously told them he got us all gifts.

After gifts I ran to the grocery store to pick up cake mix to make my mom for Mother's Day. I forgot a bag and gosh darn I am not paying 10 cents for a plastic one.

Mr. was pretty hungry so I volunteered to go get him his favorite Mexican burrito.

Do you see how much stuff is in that burrito? That's why he likes it there so much. This is also the place that we always get our catering from. Everyone always loves Mexican.

We chowed down and the rest of the evening was spent together playing and relaxing together.

Mr. was super tired with it being a 15 hour time difference. So we went to bed just after the kids, it was nice getting so much sleep.

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