Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sentence A Day: April Edition

1 - Happy Easter, good day with family and friends.

2 - Happy 13th anniversary, we celebrated by taking the family out to dinner, wouldn't have it any other way!

3 - Arg...sat at doctors office for 2 hours to be seen by doctor for 5 minutes.

This picture was taken before I knew it was going to be a two hour wait!
4 - So excited to be going away for the long weekend, we all need this!

5 - At at my favorite Mexican place in the mountains (slightly out of the way), and instead of stopping at half, I ate the whole darn thing.

6 - Hiked for 1.5 miles and all the kids did GREAT!

7 - The Big Bear Zoo was awesome, the kids loved it and they were all rescue animals.

8 - Home from the mountains, and instead of getting stuff done I took a nap.

9 - Mr. left for the week for work, boo!

10 - We started Baby Fox up with karate again, he's loving it.

11 - Love when I get to work from home, get to sleep in 3 extra hours!

12 - He's back and we survived!

13 - Dinner with friends, love ending our week with them.

14 - Full day, little league snack shack volunteer, soccer, and baseball all followed by my cousins 40th birthday party, sans kids.

15 - Celebrating Dad's birthday, lasagna and carrot cake for the win.

16 - Love being able to take the kids to trampoline and gymnastics class.

17 - Took Baby Fox to Karate and got over to the gym for a short run, which is better than nothing right?

18 - Working Out feels so good.

19 - Disney On Ice, so much fun, and the kids of course loved it!

20 - Love Friday with our friends, a little surf and turf to end the week isn't bad.

21 - Fun day full of soccer, baseball and a little league fundraiser with friends.

22 - Had a nice day out with my aunt wine tasting...well I ate the food, they wine tasted, haha.

23 - Leaving for Santa Barbara, looking forward to a few days away.

24 - Best day EVER!

25 - So good to see the kids!

26 - Got in a 2 mile...let's call it a slow jog, while Baby Fox was at baseball practice.

27 - Dinner at a friends house is always a great way to end the week.

28 - Soccer, baseball and seeing my brother after 4 months is a pretty darn good day.

29 - Flower Fields and Legoland for an hour for the win.

30 - Ugh, sick, but glad I can work from home on days like these.

31 - It was hard waking up this morning, shoot me now.

Now link up your sentence a day. Also it's only May 2nd, join is next month for sentence a day! We link up the first Thursday of the month.

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