Tuesday, July 24, 2018

5 Tips For Going to BeautyCon + Free Stuff Haul

Hello Foxy Friends! I wanted to try and get this up as quick as possible, but I'm sharing all of the things I got from BeautyCon LA 2018. Plus I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips for going to BeautyCon, since we went in not knowing what to expect. I figured other people might want some pointers to going to BeautyCon.

Bring Snacks! At least at the LA convention center, the surrounding restaurants opened at 11, and there isn't much else around. I would either eat breakfast before you get there, and bring food to eat later in the day. The lines are long, and we went and got food first which made it so that we got to the venue about noon, which is when our pass got us in. However, it took us an hour of waiting in line to actually get in. Which brings me to the next tip.

We ended up getting frozen yogurt until we could get real food!

Go early! If you can, I would actually try and get the early pass, I'm not sure exactly how they distinguish early pass from a later pass, but get there early! Get in line and eat your food. At least at the Los Angeles Convention center, you want to be in the shade, because being in the sun is hot and sweaty.

Go with friends! I think the perfect numbers is 3 other people, so 4 all together. That way, people can wait in pairs, and you can wait in line while others go scope stuff out and get samples. The more people you have roaming about the more samples you can check out and see which lines you want to wait in.

Go With Friends

Speaking of samples, ask for them! If you see a booth, ask what they are giving away. Decide if waiting in line is worth it to you. So many times we asked, hey do you know what they are giving away, and they would say, no...I would think, then why are you waiting in this line? You only have so much time there, and you need to maximize it.

I cannot stress this enough! Wear comfortable shoes! I wore tennis shoes and a romper. I was super comfortable all day walking and standing in line. I think 95% of the people there were wearing flats. It makes sense when you are going to be on your feet all day. All those that wore heels, probably didn't know better. Trust me, everyone is full out make up and cute outfits, from the knees up, then they wore sensible shoes.

What to wear to BeautyCon

Bonus: Bring a backpack so you can hold all of your stuff! It distributes the weight and makes it easier to carry everything. There is a coat check if you need it too. So fill it up, put some in coat check and get all the samples you can!

Here is the video I did for you all.

A breakdown of everything I could find from the video.

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What I got for free:

Leg Foundation  
E Nature Skin Products, Rehydration pack

Pur Lipstick
Kiss Eyelashes
Kiss Press on Nails
Yes to Grapefruit Mask  

What I bought:

Pur Eyelashes (Bombshell, DivaSocialite, Flirt)

What you should bring:


Okay that is my breakdown for BeautyCon...And I'm sure this would apply to any sort of convention really.

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